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Camella's Kitchen

Food & Beverage, Desserts, Condiments & Spices, Savory
Free Shipping, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
Founded by a mother and daughter duo from Trinidad and Tobago, Camella’s Kitchen is helping you to elevate your meals at home and on the go with our bold Caribbean flavors – we ship. We started Camella's Kitchen in order to honor the memory of and carry on lessons learned from Ms. Camella, our mother and grandmother respectively. She taught us all that we know about making Caribbean food, and aim to follow in her footsteps to share our bold flavors with our community in the Washington, DC metro area and beyond. All of our flavors are handcrafted in small batches – we make hot sauce, marinade, spices, cakes and more. All of our sauces are gluten-free and vegan. Some items include our pepper sauce and spicy mango chutney. Our island herb blend also makes a great all-purpose marinade – it is also known as Caribbean green seasoning, sofrito, or epis. Be sure to also check out our rum cakes, and Caribbean fruit cake (black cake). Our bundles and boxes make great gifts for those who enjoy all things tropical and spice! Our flavors are a great way to experience the West Indies - no plane ticket required. As a bonus, we offer free recipes, so you too can try your hand at Caribbean cooking. Check our site for free shipping offers.

BlackOwnedBusiness OHMAZINGGRANOLA OatmealRaisin


Food & Beverage, Desserts
Charitable, Free Shipping, Women Owned, Family Owned, Handmade, Natural, Vegan, Discount Available
We believe that every person has a purpose. We want to help you explore new ways of living every moment of your beautiful lives and not go hungry—hike a mountain, take your dream trip, start a blog, play in the park with your children, or simply add a little more flavor to your commute. Yes, we sell granola (it's quite tasty), but more importantly, we want to inspire you to live your life with purpose, passion, and to follow your dreams. Our products are here to bring the adventure back to snacking, and better yet, celebrate YOU when those dreams are achieved. Take us on your journey, and let's be great together.


That's Good Chocolate! L.L.C.

Food & Beverage, Desserts
Made in America, Handmade, Vegan, Discount Available
We have been making Chocolates for more than 25 years, bringing my chocolate pizzas to my children’s sports games and parties. I am a registered nurse and retired after suffering a heart attack at age 37 - over 20 years ago. While continuing to struggle with health issues, my doctors have recommended that I avoid stress. But making Chocolates on days I am feeling good seems to brighten my days. My children are the ones who suggested I consider chocolate not just a hobby. I guess I was visiting them too much. HaHa! We specialize in Chocolate Candies with a Southern Twist. Our specialties are Pecan Toffee, Spice Latte Toffee, Banana Pudding Toffee, Milk, White or 70% Dark Rocky Road Clusters, Cranberry Coconut Bark and Flourless Chocolate Truffle Cake. And we will add Peppermint Cookie Bark for the holidays. I lost my sense of smell about 5 years ago and as a result, can't taste very much. My husband, family members, along with customers, help us refine our “Good” recipes. My favorite thing about the chocolate business is when customers taste our chocolates for the first time and we see the big smiles and the dimples. Then They say, “It's so good!” And, that is also how we got our name, That’s Good Chocolate! And Oh “Yes, It’s the Good stuff!”

3 Some Chocolates

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Free Shipping, Women Owned
“It will never work out—that name, it’s too raunchy.” This is feedback that came from various sourcs at the launch of 3-Some Chocolates. The name gave founders Patrick Ali Glanville and Kristin Parker a lot of attention. Everyone loves chocolate, but what makes this company so different? They blend three chocolates everyone loves—milk, white, and dark—combine it into one bar, and call it a “3 Some.” Glanville, who had been making chocolate with his family since he was a child, created the concept. He grew up in Southside Jamaica, Queens, the son of immigrants. His grandmother brought his mother to the United States from Jamaica in the 1970s. She worked hard to provide for her family. She also taught them skills that would be useful to them throughout life. One of these skills was making chocolate. Glanville wanted to find a way to turn his many skill sets into a business, and 3 Some Chocolates was born. Ever since that moment, Glanville and Parker have been fulfilling people’s fantasies. Their following has grown at an exponential rate. They have shipped their incredible chocolate all over the world.

'57 Chocolate

Food & Beverage, Desserts, Wedding
Luxury, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Family Owned, Handmade, Vegan
57 is the pioneer bean to bar chocolate business in Ghana. ’57 Chocolate is short for 1957, which is the year of Ghana’s independence. This venture uses resources grown within the country to create delicious treats. Sisters Kimberly and Priscilla Addison founded this chocolate company in homage to Ghana’s Independence Day spirit. It challenges the status quo that premium chocolate can only come from Europe by focusing on chocolate sourced in Africa and developed by Black business owners. The sisters use their creative skills and imagination to make products that are a reflection and celebration of Ghanaian art and culture. ’57’s mission is to revive the 1957 “can-do spirit” by adding value to the cocoa bean and cocoa farmer— on a local scale.

Tea Please Tea

Health & Beauty, Wellness, Home & Garden, Other, Food & Beverage, Desserts
Free Shipping, Women Owned, Vegan
Tea Please is for the tea connoisseur, the new tea drinker and those who just want a sip of the good stuff. Go on ahead, treat yourself.

Willie Coca

Food & Beverage, Desserts
We Make Chocolate Art!!!!

Yoco Confections

Food & Beverage, Desserts, Other
Women Owned, Made in America, Family Owned
We are a family owned business located in Washington, DC. Our mission is to create delicious confections with elevated flavors and packaged to perfection. We make luxe gifting easy!


Food & Beverage, Desserts, Condiments & Spices
Women Owned
AIRIS FOODS are hand crafted food products that add flavor and flare to all your cooking and snacking needs. With both the home cook and the commercial chef in mind, owner Airis the Chef combines simple, wholesome ingredients to create BIG FLAVOR profiles. As a professional chef and avid home cook, Airis the Chef started creating her own food products with health in mind and also the idea of "Knowing what's in your food!".


Food & Beverage, Desserts
Free Shipping, Women Owned, Natural
Les Chocolateries Askanya is Haiti’s first and only premier bean-to-bar chocolate company. We exclusively use Haitian cacao to produce our chocolates in our facility located in Ouanaminthe, Haiti.