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PleaseNotes Goods Inc

Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Notebooks, Miscellaneous
Charitable, Free Shipping, Luxury, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Natural, Discount Available
PleaseNotes is a line of affirmation-filled goods created to help you become your favorite version of you. The idea for PleaseNotes came when Founder Cheryl Sutherland was in a weird period of transition. She just quit her corporate job and knew she wanted to start something that fulfilled her, however she also knew that her self-confidence wasn’t in the place to support any new ideas that she had. She decided to work on herself through using affirmations, journalling and delving back into her personal growth practice. By reinforcing who she really was and getting clear on who she wanted to be, she realized that it was Personal Development that she had always been in love with. After arriving at this great new place, she wanted to stay focused on moving forward and support others in figuring out what their passion is and helping them overcome obstacles to realize it. That’s when the first product, the PleaseNotes Sticky Note, was created. Since then she has built out the product line to include Guided Journals, Enamel Pins, Water Bottle Labels, Mirror Decals, and Coaching Programs. They have been endorsed by changemakers such as Les Brown and Monique Coleman and have users in over 15 countries including the U.K., Laos, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Canada and The United States. Our signature item is the PleaseNotes Journal. Touted as a "Personal Growth Seminar in between two covers", it's perfect for new or experienced Journaler. PleaseNotes and Cheryl Sutherland have been featured in InStyle, Huffington Post, Forbes, Stationery Trends, Fast Company, Thrive Global, Brit + CO, Oh So Beautiful Paper and more.


JB Wipes

Home & Garden, Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Miscellaneous
Family Owned, Natural, Discount Available
Our company idea started two years ago in Colombia mountainside when we had an idea to pursue a dream. Years later that original idea of bringing the highest quality products has intersected with sustainability. Now the Thomas's brothers plan to keep the momentum going in improving everyone's at home experience!

Afrotouch Design

Home & Garden, Other, Office, Paper & Stationery, Greeting Cards, Stationary, Notebooks, Other
Charitable, Free Shipping, Women Owned
Georgina Fihosy is the creative behind AfroTouch Design (the former Special Touch Designs), an Afrocentric stationery brand that is unique among black-owned businesses. Fihosy creates urban greeting cards and gift items for all occasions and seasons. She started what was then Special Touch Designs in the summer of 2015. At the time, she was on maternity leave with her second child. She was frustrated with the lack of representation in the greeting card industry. She wanted to find a card for a friend who had had a baby but couldn’t find one with a black baby or one that reflected her and her family and this beautiful occasion. Fihosy wanted something fun and urban - so she decided to make one herself. That was how her black-owned business, Special Touch Designs, was born. Fihosy is self-taught and learned how to make and design cards via Google University.

Bailee's Nail Box

Health & Beauty, Cosmetic, Nail, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Women’s, Accessories, Jewelry, Entertainment & Toys, Books, Stationary, Notebooks
Women Owned, Youth Involved
Bailee's Nail Box is a FUN box for girls, created by 11 year old Bailee K. for girls ages 4 - 12 who love all things nails! Bailee's goal was to create memorable boxes filled with different tools for fun nail designs with an extra girly accessory with each box. We promise your favorite girl is going to want to collect all of the boxes and make amazing memories!

The Art of Chiristoff Davis

Home & Garden, Decor, Fashion, Clothing, Women’s, Accessories, Handbags, Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Notebooks, Other, Miscellaneous
Women Owned
The Art of Christoff Davis is one of the more unusual Black-owned businesses included in the Nile List. Davis’ art is a breath of fresh air. She creates her whimsical and happy pieces the old fashioned way. She draws and paints each piece by hand and photographs her work to capture all its richness and texture. She combines her vibrant imagery with excellent thick papers and sumptuous fabrics. She devotes much time to pick the best quality materials and textiles, which she chooses with care. The result is beautiful and luxurious. Each painting owned by this black-owned business harkens back to Davis’ childhood. She grew up in the lively city of New Orleans, La. Childhood, vintage-shopping trips, and travels all are present in her creations. She pours all these experiences and inspiration into her art. Davis completed her education at the University of New Orleans.

Cloth & Paper

Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Other
Free Shipping, Women Owned
Cloth & Paper is one a Black-owned business that sells stationery. This company offers beautiful leather planners and paper planner inserts. It also sells foil dividers and exclusive stationery items. Cloth & Paper aims to change the look and feel through minimal design and luxe finishing. Established in 2015, the birth of Cloth & Paper was out of necessity! Owner Ashley Reynolds had left her corporate job of nine years. She needed to devise a plan on what her next career move would be. Reynolds has always been a paper-loving, pen-hoarding, notebook collector. Over time, her collection became overwhelming. When she got engaged to her now-husband, he requested that she sell part of her stash. He needed relief from the clutter before they moved in together. Little did he know what was in store for him. Today his wife’s Black-owned business is full of pens, paper, gold foil, and all things planner related.


Fashion, Accessories, Office, Paper & Stationery, Greeting Cards, Stationary, Arts & Crafts
Free Shipping, Women Owned
Purposerosa is a lifestyle brand dedicated to illuminating purpose in everyday people and things. We design original handmade jewelry, prints and postcards made using repurposed materials collected from our international travels. Our mission is to highlight purpose globally to help you see purpose in yourself.


Fashion, Accessories, Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Other
Free Shipping, Women Owned
Online boutique specializing in sustainable art + accessories, stationery, wall art, and workshops.

Effie's Paper

Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Home & Garden, Candles, Clothing, Tees, Women’s, Accessories, Jewelry, Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Notebooks, Other, Miscellaneous
Free Shipping, Women Owned, Natural
Effie’s Paper :: Stationery&Whatnot is a lifestyle brand that sets the trend for cool accessories to buy, travelling in style, and how much coffee it’s chic to drink on a daily basis. We believe that from the door to her desk, a woman should be surrounded by pretty things that make her heart leap! Our products are a unique mix of casual elegance, motivation and social engagement. Although named after our founder, Kalyn Chandler’s grandmother, Effie’s Paper::Stationery&Whatnot is not your grandmother’s lifestyle brand! The goal was simple, to create lifestyle products that could co-exist with today’s technology. Et voilà! We offer an on-trend, curated selection of stylish desk, stationery, travel and gift accessories. Our products reflect our belief that the future is female and is being shaped by the power of Black Girl Magic!

Ibere Apparel

Home & Garden, Decor, Other, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Men’s, Women’s, Accessories, Jewelry, Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Notebooks, Miscellaneous
Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Women Owned
IBERE APPAREL was created to enable us to proudly and publicly Celebrate Black History and Culture 365 days a Year! Our brand is for everyone - we have a wide variety of products from Mugs, to T-Shirts, to Pins, Stickers, Cards, Stationary and more! With our products, you will have so many ways to express your pride in your history & culture, as well as to remind yourself and others of your greatness, each and every day! IBERE APPAREL is here to tell the world: We don’t need a particular day to love one another, we don’t need a particular day to remember who we are. We are Black 365 days a year, so let’s Celebrate Black History and Culture 365 days a Year!