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A Life Well Dressed

Fashion, Clothing, Men’s, Women’s, Travel, Lifestyle
Family Owned, Made in America, Luxury
A Life Well Dressed is a Los Angeles and New York-based apparel manufacturer. Husband and wife team Michael and Christian Warren founded this black-owned clothing brand. The couple has a combined twenty years of career experience in fashion and marketing, and they have developed fresh content for their black-owned businesses. They build influential brands and create authentic products. They aim to provide a high level of customer service and produce quality apparel. The company’s founding principle is to be the servant of creativity because the Warrens believe in doing everything with intention and purpose. Their tagline is “Be WELL Dressed in all that you do!” This black-owned business has a spinoff brand, DC Proper, founded by Michael Warren. As an African-American business owner from Southeast DC, Warren found the name fitting. It celebrates the unified pride of the city’s four distinct quadrants.

Alourdam Cigars

African American business owner, Adam Jackson, is a modern-day mogul for the 21st century. His business, Alourdam, produces an excellent quality cigar, hand-crafted with a Dominican and Nicaraguan blend. They then wrap the product with a Brazilian Maduro wrapper with a bold, clean and rich flavor. The company also markets alcohol-infused cigars. Other options include blends infused with powerful nuances of espresso and cacao. Alourdam is a leader among black-owned businesses. Jackson’s savvy and creative business strategies have helped start over 175 companies. He has also supported and improved the functionality of these companies. He has facilitated growth and sustainability for each company. He has been on the move and under the radar, assisting entrepreneurs and business owners in realizing their dreams and sustaining their companies.

Amazing Essence

Home & Garden, Candles, Home Fragrance, Other, Lifestyle, Wedding, Holidays, Miscellaneous
Women Owned, Vegan, Free Shipping, Handmade, Luxury
Amazing Essence is a Philadelphia based, one-woman small business built on a dream of entrepreneurship. Our handcrafted products are created using 100% soy wax without additives, natural (lead-free) cotton wick and high quality fragrance oils without phthalates or additives. Our goal is to have our candles highlight your home decor while adding complementary beautiful aromas that will radiate throughout your home.

Black Travel Box

Health & Beauty, Skincare, Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Shampoo, Hair growth/repair, Travel, Lifestyle
Free Shipping, Women Owned, Made in America
Travel is growing in our community. More of us are exploring the world with a level of freedom that our ancestors could only dream of. I started BlackTravelBox to give women of color a brand they could trust for their travel personal care needs. As Black travelers, we have few places we can find products that work for their hair and skincare needs. Our brand is here to help you travel in confidence. We give you the products you need to put your best foot forward and rock those selfies. We're there, where ever your travels may take you. Orion Brown Founder + CEO

District Cigars

Lifestyle, Miscellaneous
A locally owned and operated boutique cigar brand celebrating the District of Columbia.


Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Fashion, Clothing, Men’s, Women’s, Childrens, Accessories, Handbags, Lifestyle
Free Shipping, Veteran Owned, Women Owned, Youth Involved
BlackLux was started by owner, Cassandra Williams because of her love to be different while being comfortable and casual. The brand was created for individuals to celebrate and love who they are regardless of what others think. To be able to take clothing from casual to dressy and know they are happy with their appearance. We specialize in casual comfortable apparel of t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, accessories and home décor for everyone (men, women, and kids) which illuminate the creative comfort that individuals want to have. Our brand is about being you and loving your style and providing excellent services to our customers to have them come back over and over. I swear by the products we provide and love the direction we are going in. Plus, the name celebrates the light we all have.

Blue Mountain Cigars

Women Owned, Family Owned
Blue Mountain Cigars is a premiere international Black-owned companies. As its name implies, it produces cigars. It is a family-operated business dedicated to uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction. In April 1995, cigar connoisseur and entrepreneur Marvin Wright opened a factory. He did so with his wife, Jacqueline. Born and raised in Jamaica, Wright was the son of an entrepreneur who grew tobacco. After completing his studies, Wright moved to Cuba. There he developed his passion and appreciation for premium cigars. It brought him to Nicaragua. Today in Nicaragua, Wright uses many of the old Jamaican traditions in cigar making. He combines them with many of the techniques he learned from growers and master blenders in Cuba. He produces cigars dipped in aromas such as rum, whiskey, and tequila. The most popular dip is white cognac. The company also provides coffee infused cigars.

Bomb'd Aesthetics

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Beardcare, Wellness, Lifestyle
Free Shipping, Luxury, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Vegan
We prepare handmade, natural, cruelty-free skincare products formulated for sensitive skin types.

Boss Blend Coffee

Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous
LGBTQ Owned, Women Owned, Handmade, Vegan
BossBlendCoffee is a coffee lifestyle brand. Based out of NewJersey. AN ODE TO COFFEE & CREATIVITY


Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Home & Garden, Candles, Lifestyle
Women Owned, Natural, Handmade, Luxury
“Match the nature of your skin with Nature.” Choiselle skincare is deliberately formulated to eliminate the need for harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances that aren’t compatible with our skin’s nature. At the heart of each formula is a bounty of vitamin and nutrient rich botanicals, oils and plant butters with intensive reparative, protective and restorative capabilities. Because our skincare is packed with intensively hydrating, moisturizing and nutrient rich ingredients, a little goes a long way and provides long-lasting effects even after bathing and showering. Organic Ingredients: Wherever possible, Choiselle uses certified organic, skin compatible ingredients to assure the highest level of purity and efficacy. All Natural Fragrances: Only pure, essential oils are used to fragrance our formulas. These extraordinary compounds, volatile molecules that are the life force of the plants, have incredible healing powers in addition to balancing emotions and lifting the spirit.