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Women Owned, Free Shipping, International Shipping, Handmade, Family Owned, Luxury
AFROTHREADS™ is more than an online fabric store—we aim to preserve and promote authentic African art and culture. Did you know that the majority of “African prints” on the market are not actually designed or made by Africans? To combat this, we have partnered with artisans and companies from different parts of the continent in order to share the history, technique, and meaning behind a variety of handmade and printed African fabrics. We encourage creativity and cultural appreciation: with knowledge and respect, anyone can proudly own, wear, and create with African prints and textiles. As Afro-diasporans, we are always looking for more ways to incorporate African art into both our wardrobes and our homes. Shop our growing collection of accessories and decor, which highlights the beauty and versatility of different African fabrics. We also strive for zero waste of these precious materials. We recycle leftover fabric whenever possible, and we are happy to collaborate with and/or donate to other creatives. Please contact us if interested!

Amazing Essence

Home & Garden, Candles, Home Fragrance, Other, Lifestyle, Wedding, Holidays, Miscellaneous
Women Owned, Vegan, Free Shipping, Handmade, Luxury
Amazing Essence is a Philadelphia based, one-woman small business built on a dream of entrepreneurship. Our handcrafted products are created using 100% soy wax without additives, natural (lead-free) cotton wick and high quality fragrance oils without phthalates or additives. Our goal is to have our candles highlight your home decor while adding complementary beautiful aromas that will radiate throughout your home.

Custom Blends by Nine Bath and Body Products, LLC

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Beardcare, Hair & Headwear, Hair growth/repair, Home & Garden, Candles, Home Fragrance, Parenthood, Children, Lifestyle, Wedding, Holidays
Charitable, Free Shipping, Women Owned, Youth Involved, Handmade, Natural
We are a small business specializing in premium, high quality, handmade, and custom blended natural skin care products for the entire family.

Diamond Bird LLC

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Home & Garden, Candles, Children, Holidays, Miscellaneous
Free Shipping, Women Owned, Natural, Vegan, Handmade, Veteran Owned, Family Owned
Diamond Bird Soaps and Skincare is proudly Black, Female and Veteran-owned. We specialize in handcrafted natural soaps and skincare products that will help you clean up your skincare routine without breaking the bank. We replace the toxic chemicals and junk fillers often used in commercial brands with beneficial, plant-based, cruelty-free oils and botanicals. Every item is poured, mixed, molded, cut, stamped, packaged and labeled by hand. The best part is our products are affordable to the sophisticated & conscientious consumer. Diamond Bird operates on values-based system that reflect our commitment to Customer Care, Transparency and Environmental Stewardship. A portion of each sale goes toward donations of soap and hygiene items to members of the community that are struggling financially or homeless.

Say Yes Girl!

Holidays, Miscellaneous
Free Shipping, Women Owned
Created to inspire and embrace our multicultural society by offering products that celebrate, empower and reflect positivity.

The Expressions of You Greeting Cards

Office, Paper & Stationery, Greeting Cards, Holidays
Women Owned
Expressions of You Greeting Cards offering faith filled encouragement in the life moments that matters the most.

Kaila’s Kandles

Health & Beauty, Wellness, Home & Garden, Candles, Lifestyle, Holidays
Women Owned, Natural, Free Shipping, Made in America, Luxury
Here at Kaila's Kandles we take quality very seriously. This is why we do not add any dyes and our frangrance oils are free from phthalates. Also, our wooden wicks are eco friendly and sourced and manufactured in the USA from forest stewardship council FSC- certified mills.


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At Karibe, we strive to build and nurture a great relationship with our customers. A core value of Karibe is our commitment to practice honesty and transparency. At Karibe, we constantly develop ways to improve our customers’ experiences. Through designing and implementing new methods for complete customer satisfaction. We keep our customers as our primary focus and as a result we provide quality merchandise and services at all times.

Little Muffincakes

Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Childrens, Footwear, Accessories, Handbags, Office, Paper & Stationery, Greeting Cards, Other, Holidays
Natural, Women Owned
We are a character-based brand established to present high quality merchandise in the Marketplace that reflect the diversity of beauty in children. We seek to provide the necessary building blocks of self-acceptance to promote high self-esteem in children of color from birth. Representation matters so Little Muffincakes is filling voids by providing blankets, bibs, apparel, wrapping paper and other products with relatable imagery. Little Muffincakes™? was born out of the need for representation. It's important that brown children see products that reflect their own image. Positive imagery that tells them that they're beautiful, they're skin is beautiful and their hair is beautiful. God made no mistakes with them! Our philosophy is simple, we want to delight you in every aspect of your shopping experience! From designing the exciting variety of exclusive products, to providing outstanding customer service. Our mission is to present high quality merchandise in the marketplace that reflect the diversity of beauty in children. We seek to provide children with the building blocks of self-acceptance to foster high self-esteem from birth. Each character and design was carefully crafted with your child in mind.

Mandinka Style

Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Home & Garden, Decor, Furniture, Children, Fashion, Clothing, Women’s, Accessories, Jewelry, Handbags, other, Entertainment & Toys, Toys, Office, Paper & Stationery, Other, Lifestyle, Holidays, Miscellaneous
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M A N D I N K A . S T Y L E is not African-inspired, made elsewhere. We’re African; in, by and for Africa. We’re the trendsetters, the tastemakers, the architects of culture. The story of Africa, of black people, of Africans, has too often been mistold. M A N D I N K A . S T Y L E shares our story, our way: locally sourced crafts and garments, from native people, birthed by the African continent and steeped in tradition. By employing local people in Africa, M A N D I N K A . S T Y L E helps them create a sustainable, independent lifestyle for themselves and their families.