About Nile

Nile is digital community connecting you to Black-owned brands online. Think of Nile as your one-stop-shop for Black brands. Now, you will be able to search and discover thousands of Black brands available online with convenience and ease. The full site launches in a few short weeks, but you can catch up with dope brands now on our mailing list and social media.

Nile Difference

Nile is for everyone, not just those who have access to local Black businesses. That means that every business listed with Nile, affectionately called Nilists, is open for business to every Nil-vigator 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the most accessible means of commerce—the internet.

Built for Ease

Nile makes shopping with Black businesses quick and easy, and full of variety.  Looking to support women-owned businesses? We got you. Looking for the latest fashions? We got you. Looking for businesses that make vegan products? Well, we know somebody Black who makes that!

Why Nile?

Nile is here to fill the gaps in knowledge of customers who want to shop with Black businesses, but don’t know where to look . . . or, don’t have the time to go looking. More importantly, it’s here to streamline the process of buying Black -- which will now be just as easy as buying from Amazon.

Nilist = Black-owned business selling products online + Listed on Nile

Nil-vigator = Nile users who are nil-vigating their way to supporting Black businesses online.

“We know someone Black who makes that!”