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Darlyng & Co.

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The mission of Darlyng & Co. is to give parents one less thing to worry about when it comes to caring for their baby. We always have parents in mind in the design process and are proud to present products that are functional, toxin-free, sourced from high-quality materials, and aesthetically pleasing. As a concerned parent, we want you to shop with confidence, knowing that we send our products through rigorous testing to ensure we met the highest safety standards and requirements. Our founders are committed to never putting something on the market they wouldn’t allow their own children to use.


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The mission of Fyen is to be the premier producer and provider of African inspired entertainment and information for children of all ages. We seek to develop creative and innovative experiences that will excite, amaze and educate children of the varying yet beautiful aspects of our great continent. Our portfolio of brands capture the essence of African history, culture, traditions and it’s people. We are advocates for literacy and education!

Ikuzi Dolls

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Ikuzi dolls are beautiful black dolls that celebrate our diverse beauty. "Ikuzi" means to teach. Let's teach our little girls to love who they are.

Kido Chicago

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Women Owned, Family Owned
Kido is a children's clothing brand created by artists Keewa and Doug. After selling online and around Chicago for two years, they are excited to have a storefront in the Roosevelt Collection Shops! Inclusivity and representation for all kids is what pushes their brand forward. In addition to creating colorful designs for infants and toddlers, they also host events for families. They are dedicated to increasing the offerings for Southside families, so look out for their Story Time, Kido Music series, Baby Soul Jam (co-host Mama Fresh), and other special events.


Entertainment & Toys, Toys, Dolls
Women Owned, Handmade
Welcome to StepStitches where you can find unique keepsakes sure to delight. Each item is handmade with love and exquisite care. Both ready to ship and custom made items are available.

The Kulture Kabinet

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Kulture Kabinet specializes in natural products and accessories that are designed to uplift from the inside out. Only good vibes and better intentions. Love you all. -Aleena, CEO


Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Home & Garden, Decor, Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry, Handbags, Entertainment & Toys, Toys, Arts & Crafts
Women Owned, Handmade
Discursive Designs is a custom design accessory shop. We make fascinators, cocktail hats, feathered and floral dramatic creations in one of a kind styles to suit your every need. We also make earrings, scarves and other designs that are sure to tickle your fancy.

Uzuri Kid Kidz

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Women Owned
WHAT THIS WEBSITE DOES Our website sells our Party supplies, dolls, puppets, custom T-shirts to ensure that Parents from different races find items that reflect the lifestyle of their culture on their children SERVICES OFFERED BY THIS WEBSITE Parents can come and purchase one of our custom T-shirts with their child’s name on it. They can also purchase invites for their child’s recital. We offer suggestions on how to create unforgettable party experiences using the UZURI KIDZ Brand. We create custom family and Class re-union T-shirts, cups, bags and other give-a-ways like the “when I grow up T-shirt line”. We also work with schools to enhance or create a school Spirit program because we are committed to community service endeavors that are aligned with our mission MISSION First off, UZURI means “beauty”. We think all Kids are beautiful, no matter what color/race they are. Hence, our mission is to ensure that children of different races can dream about becoming anything in life and feel good about their own image.


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Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Made in America, Handmade
Hi, I’m Susan Jones the hands behind Giftedhands4ubyme. I create one of a kind crochet dolls of all shades of brown. I create these dolls with the likes of our little girls and boys. The hair on my dolls resemble our hair textures, the many that we have. I started this company because for years I noticed in toy stores, dolls that looked like my daughters were hard to find. If I found a black doll it was just a doll that was painted brown with the same type of hair like the others. One day my husband saw my frustration and said why not make your own. And that’s how giftedhands4ubyme got started.


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Awalkinheart was created by Natashia Rawlins in Tampa, Florida and launched February of 2017. Here is her story: " I named my store 'Awalkinheart' (A walkin' heart). It is the name God placed in my heart that defines Me and many like-minded people. We are people whom walk on the earth full of authentic, unconditional love and with the desire to share it; we aspire to be the change the world needs, the change WE ought to be; beautiful people that give without expecting anything back in return. That's what True love is all about. At Awalkinheart, we have beautiful tees, artwork, and self-care products all created by love (Me), with love. I hope to inspire people to be love and to share love; to remind them that they are loved, and that they were beautifully and fearfully made... that greatness, love, and power lives in all of us; we just have to believe it...and know it to be true, then start living in that truth. " Love is not a mere feeling; it's a lifeSTYLE."- This is our motto. For love to be a lifeSTYLE, it must first live within us (self-love), then shared with others; this is important inorder to heal our world. We can't give what we don't have, right? :-) May we all be filled with unconditional love for self and for one another. We are experiencing this beautiful journey called life, together. Embrace one another, help one another, and love one another. May we all be guided by love...and may our love light continue to shine bright 'til the end. Welcome to Awalkinheart. :-)