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Blanket Pancakes and Syrup

Food & Beverage, Other
Free Shipping, Women Owned, Family Owned, Natural
Blanket Pancakes and Syrup is a Black-owned company serving up deliciousness in every bite. It provides a healthier alternative to fast food and quick meals. The concept for Blanket started in 2012. Married couple Deven and Marquita Carter wanted to package their families’ recipes. These recipes went back to the basics: no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, low sodium, and always all-natural. There was only one problem. Going back to the foundation using clean recipes meant prepping for long hours. This young family had a demanding lifestyle. They relied on quick and convenient meals, but eating out every day was not an option. That was when the Carters had an aha moment! For creating Blanket, they wanted it to be great tasting, real food that doesn’t take long to make. Once they found the perfect blend of taste and time, the rest was history. Check out their variety of pancake and syrup flavors.


Health & Beauty, Skincare, Wellness, Food & Beverage, Other
Charitable, Women Owned, Handmade
Chicory is a self-published zine and line of small-batch herbal goods that sell products handmade in New Orleans, Louisiana. The founder is African-American business owner Nikki Minor, a school teacher, and a folk herbalist. Minor's passion is demystifying herbalism, making it accessible throughout marginalized communities. She aims to use plants as tools for liberation. She has studied under Rachael Reeves of Maypop Community Herb Shop. Currently, she interns at Rosalie Botanicals. She is also a member of the organizing committee for the NOLA Herb Gathering. Chicory Issue #1 is a primer for anyone looking to learn about herbal medicine. It includes a simple recipe that gives readers the tools to start making their own medicine. Issue #2 teaches readers how to design a customized at-home skincare routine. It also shows them how to make tinctures, herbal first aid, and more.


Food & Beverage, Other
Women Owned
DeeProtein’s mission is to provide high protein, heart-healthy “Whole Food” meal bars without compromising on Quality, Texture and Delicious Taste.

Finally Ginger

Food & Beverage, Other
Women Owned, Natural
all natural. real ginger. handcrafted with only the best ingredients, our ginger cookies are the perfect balance of sweet & spice.

Skarlet Beverage Company

Food & Beverage, Other
Women Owned
THE WORLD'S FINEST VIRGIN BEVERAGES At the Skarlet Beverage Company, we are confident that all who enjoy our products will find our collection of fine alcohol-free, zero proof beverages to be the epitome of elegance and good taste. We desire that our brand conveys this special distinction to every dining table it graces. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY.

Symphony Chips

Food & Beverage, Other
Family Owned
Symphony Chips are enjoyed by snack lovers of all ages who wish to entertain their taste buds with a gourmet potato chip that is bold and savory.

Glory Foods

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices, Other
Glory Foods is a category leader in Southern-style, heat-and-serve products, and our products are symbolic of the tradition of home-cooked taste our consumers have come to expect. Glory Foods full line of products includes canned vegetables, beans and sides, and fresh-cut bagged vegetables. Glory Foods products are available in grocery stores nationwide.

Flowers & Moondust

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Hair & Headwear, Hair growth/repair, Food & Beverage, Other
Free Shipping, Women Owned
Flowers & Moondust is an African wholistic wellness company that offers premium African health + beauty products. We are dedicated to recentering the power of African traditional healing practices as a way of life while empowering local African communities. The story begins when our founder, Toni, moved back to Accra, Ghana, West Africa after losing her dad to health complications. She moved to Ghana with the intention to heal and engage in positive self-care practices. During this time, she reconnected with her heritage, traveled and explored the different regions of Ghana and along the way, met African healers and herbalists who opened her eyes to the healing powers found in Ghana and in Africa. Flowers & Moondust was born from a place of love, healing, and wanting to share African healing magic with others. Africa has a wide variety of plants, spices, herbs, beauty secrets and preventive health practices used by our ancestors to cure disease and ailments and provide optimal well-being. From the majestic baobab tree to the rich shea butter to the underrated tigernut, the amount of healing found on the continent is magical. With the introduction of western medicine, traditional African healing practices came to be referred to as “alternative medicine” in efforts to marginalize our ways of life. We aim to reconnect, redefine and recenter African traditional ways of healing in hopes that more people take the path of wholistic wellness guided by our ancestors. We are dedicated to bringing you high quality healing products that are 100% organic, plant-based, sustainable and eco-friendly. Short-cuts cannot be taken when you insist upon making the best of something. All of our products are handmade with love by local artisans who are both passionate and knowledgeable about their craft. We welcome you to explore wellness from the Motherland.

G Gluxe Cookies

Food & Beverage, Other
Women Owned, Charitable, Handmade
Goodness Gracious Cookies are made from scratch with love! Portion of proceeds benefit Global Missions & local causes. Shipping/Delivery Available. Mobile Bakery delivering rich, sweet, luxe cookies to your door.


Health & Beauty, Wellness, Food & Beverage, Other
Free Shipping, Natural
Jin+Ja has been nationally recognized for its amazing flavor & health benefits. As featured on TV's The Doctors, Jin+Ja was recommended as the #1 way to drink yourself healthy. Combining fresh ingredients like ginger, lemon, green tea, mint, and cayenne pepper, Jin+Ja creates an experience that has people always coming back for more.