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The original award-winning tea house can be found along the 7th street corridor of Washington's historic Shaw neighborhood. Drop by and get some healing energy from DC’s finest Tea Bar. Our warm and cozy environment is just the right place for a meeting, tea-break or bite to eat.

Figgers Communication Inc.

Figgers Communication is where the entire buzz on the internet and social media comes to rest in your pocket! We are a telecommunications company that provides Cellular, Mobile Broadband, Home phone and international calling services. Not only do we have sensational packages for your personal wireless 4G LTE internet services, we also provide unlimited talk time, texting and 4G VOLTE data without an annual contract. Best part of all, there are no hidden charges because we have nothing to hide! Figgers gives you a dose of entertainment without setting your limits and boundaries for a year! Figgers Communication packages offers the most reliable wireless internet surfing abilities. Whether you have the latest Android device, or iPhone, we have packages for every new and innovative technology on the market. Our packages allows you to receive the fastest internet services at the most affordable prices. No matter where you are, we can provide coverage in the entire region of United States. Our mission is to expand the horizons to which to keep you connect to communicate. Enjoy seamless downloading and entertainment through wireless internet which is much faster and cheaper than DSL. Whether you want to download songs or watch movies online, you can get everything for affordable price, less than the other carriers. Who can and would possibly offer you anything cheaper than that? Providing nationwide coverage, we are proud of the fantastic services we provide. We embrace digital communication because we all are a part of the efficient and smart generation that does everything online. Here at Figgers Communication we always Figger it out!


Puku is a breed of antelope found in the savanna grasslands of central Africa, mostly in Tanzania and Zambia. They are beautiful, fast and the strongest among the existing members of the antelope family. Known for their excellent survival instincts, Puku can survive in extremely wet or dry weather conditions, and they can also live at high altitudes when escaping floods. With that in mind, Puku was founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy after experiencing the hardship of living without the power to charge phones. And just like the animal, it retains the same essential qualities such as Power, Beauty and Speed.


Raycon is built around the mission that everyone deserves to enjoy great audio. We believe amazing audio experiences inspire go-getters around the world and power their everyday lives.


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Sorella was founded by two Boss Babes, Heather Sanders & Brittney Turner in 2012. We were 20 years old with no fashion background or training but a lot of hustle and drive! Starting with an inventory of 10 products and packing packages on the floor of our apartment, we never imagined how far we would get but one thing was for sure ... Following our 2012 launch, we then opened our first brick and mortar in Los Angeles, becoming every LA’s woman’s go-to spot for fashion. We later created our women’s movement... #GIRLSTOUR Representing strong women, working women, and independent women of all ages, colors, and sizes. Empowering women all over the world to not only be confident and have a vision but to also... Now we have grown a team full of extraordinary creatives, designed thousands of new styles, and a fan base full of dope ass women. Sorella has now become a lifestyle and our #GIRLSTOUR wall has grown to a international landmark and must stop photo destination in Los Angeles. Our next goal is to tour our most sought out locations and bring the Tour to you but also continue to empower many more women around the world.


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I created EverHaven LLC because I wanted to offer my customers apparel and accessories that would allow them to "live out loud." I absolutely love EVERYTHING about myself, and I want other people to feel just as proud of themselves. I hope to provide customers with a sense of pride in who they are.