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3 Piece Urban Artisan

Home & Garden, Candles, Decor, Furniture
Free Shipping, Veteran Owned, Women Owned
Jacquelyn Roberts founded 3-Piece on one basic principle. She wanted to give good and beauty to the world. Roberts started the company in 2004 after deciding it was time for her to begin honoring her dream and her truth. She founded the company with only four scents: Live, Love, Sing, and Dance. Making candles and creating scents is her gift. Although Jacquelyn does not have a lot of formal training, her inspiration comes from unexpected places. Sometimes she smells something that she wants to recreate. She has turned many of her favorite scents into candles. Other times her inspiration comes from single words or quotes. Jacquelyn enjoys her craft, and her passion for creation is shown in all of her products.

Africa Boutik

Home & Garden, Decor, Furniture, Other, Fashion, Clothing, Women’s, Accessories, other
Ships Internationally, Women Owned is a black-owned business operating online under the helm of Ghanaian-German designer and fashion blogger MsK NY. Five years ago, MsK started her fashion blog African Prints in Fashion (APiF). She has since expanded it to a lifestyle brand with over 350,000 followers worldwide. MsK studied English, German, and Politics. She then did some Journalism training after College. She currently works as Marketing Director for an IT company. She says her love for writing and the experience she’s gained in marketing have helped to grow the blog. Her passion and experience have also helped to build APiF and to make it the iconic black-owned clothing brand that it is today. MsK says, “Fashion can be very repetitive. So African designers and the African Fashion industry are injecting new creativity and perspectives.”

Ali Sandifer

Home & Garden, Furniture
Women Owned, Family Owned, Handmade
Abir Ali is a designer whose work spans furniture and architecture, publication, and special project management. Andre Sandifer is a designer and a self-taught craftsman. The company that they have come together to form is unique among black-owned businesses. Ali Sandifer is a design studio and workshop with a particular fondness for furniture. Their work is born from a simple belief that design, material, and craft must work together. It's the only way to achieve intelligence, beauty, and longevity. Their design process is sincere, and they approach each challenge in search of a solution. They talk, research, question, sketch, and make prototypes. They work at full-scale through many iterations until they get the final product. Ali Sandifer is a laboratory for experimentation and refinement. Their operation allows them to move between studio and workshop, design, and craft.

Bespoke Binny

Home & Garden, Decor, Furniture, Other, Fashion, Clothing, Women’s, Office, Paper & Stationery, Notebooks
Women Owned
Bespoke Binny is a British based business offering a range of handmade homeware and gifts items made from West African cloth. The birth child of Natalie Manima, Bespoke Binny's products range from Pillows, Lampshades, Aprons, Oven gloves, table runners and card holders.

Cavo Candles

Home & Garden, Candles, Home Fragrance, Decor, Furniture, Other
Free Shipping, Luxury, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
Soy, non-toxic, eco-friendly candles

N'Sane Crafting

Home & Garden, Furniture, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Unisex
Women Owned
Hello All! And Welcome to my shop. I am a WFH Mom of 4 very active boys. This shop is a reflection of my inner thoughts and craziness. Please leave your review and enjoy the NSanity!

Blatina with the Good Hair

Home & Garden, Furniture, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Men’s, Women’s
Women Owned
Blatina With the Good Hair is a Black-owned business founded by Shomara Garcia. This Black-owned clothing brand sells graphic sweaters, tees, hoodies, and mugs. People always tried to tell Garcia who she was and who she wasn't. They pigeonholed her based on her skin tone, hair texture, and the language she didn't speak. She was not accepted for who she was and always reminded of who she wasn't based on society's standards. She became frustrated by the consistent ignorance. Even to this day, the lack of knowledge of Blatinas exasperates her. She grew up in "No-man's land." But she is BLATINA! Like many others, she's spent countless years in confusion about how to identify herself. This company's mission is to empower, educate, and express the Blatina culture. The culture is inclusive of all skin tones and hair types.

Rain+Sky Home Decor

Home & Garden, Candles, Decor, Furniture, Other
Free Shipping, Handmade, Made in America, Women Owned
Here at Rain+Sky Home, we take pride in being a small-owned business. We offer a variety of home essentials, books, and more with everyone in mind. Explore our gallery for decor inspiration featuring some of our clients top picks! Rain+Sky is a Handmade Luxury Brand. Handmade is unique. Handmade is one of a kind. Handmade is quality craftsmanship and materials. Handmade is Luxury.

Q Made It

Home & Garden, Furniture, Other, Fashion, Clothing, Women’s, Accessories, Handbags, other
Women Owned, Handmade
Q Made It crafts socially conscious handmade apparel, decor, and homeware for people to enjoy relics and nuances of black culture. Q Made It also specializes in custom baked goods, and event planning for any occasion.

Travel Deeper

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Skincare, Beardcare, Feminine Care, Cosmetic, Makeup, Nail, Beauty tools, Lip, Oral Care, Eye Care, Wellness, Personal Fragrance, Other, Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Styling, Hair growth/repair, Other, Wigs, Weaves and Hairpieces, Accessories, Home & Garden, Candles, Home Fragrance, Decor, Furniture, Other, Parenthood, Children, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Lingerie, Basics, Swim, Men’s, Women’s, Unisex, Childrens, Other, Footwear, Men’s, Women’s, Unisex, Accessories, Jewelry, Watches, Handbags, Belts, Scarves, Sunglasses, other, Entertainment & Toys, Adult (sex toys, etc), Toys, Dolls, Games, Books, Other, Pet, Office, Paper & Stationery, Greeting Cards, Stationary
Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
Travel Deeper is a U.S. based, Black women-owned small business. We specialize in curated travel experiences to Mother Africa, supporting entrepreneurs, and connecting Black people across the diaspora. Our current partners are entrepreneurs in Accra, Ghana; Dakar, Senegal; and Praia, Cape Verde. They specialize in private and small-group cultural tour experiences; and design and manufacturing of men, women, and children's clothing and apparel. Featured partners include Explore Ghana Tours, The Motherland Experience Travel Tours, and Zionland Creation. Four years ago, I turned 40 and declared to myself (and on my vision board) that I wanted to travel deeper. To me, travel deeper meant finally going to the Motherland, Mama Africa and connecting to the land of my ancestors. I am five generations removed from American slavery and a granddaughter of sharecroppers. But my story -our story- does not begin there. We invite you to join us and reflect, return, and be restored. We invite you to travel deeper with us. Read more of our story on our blog "When you answer the ancestral call, the universe opens" -