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Nile’s Story
Nile started with a simple question. If there was a one-stop shop for Black-owned online shopping, would you use it? Nile Founder Khadijah Robinson sent this text message to hundreds of family and friends in the spring of 2019. The overwhelming answer was, yes! That passion for supporting Black-owned businesses and the drive to create a platform that would better allow online shoppers to do that turned into Nile. Well, first, it was a Google spreadsheet! Our vision was to take our clunky Google spreadsheet and turn it into a platform that looked and worked as well as the amazing brands being featured deserved.
We wanted to show that Black-owned businesses portray excellence and deserve excellence. We viewed our platform as a way to elevate the conversation around Black brands and help people easily find those hidden gems. Almost overnight, this platform that we’ve worked so hard to build and build right has gone from a passion to a necessary purpose. Folks all over the country are looking for ways to buy Black, and they are finding Nile as the perfect answer. Nile is using technology to build connections across the web and drive conscientious shopping with dope brands. We’re ready to grow and to purposefully innovate for Black-businesses.
Mission & Capabilities
We make meaningful connections. If you want to know more about a brand founder or check a brand’s social media before you shop, you’re in the right place! No more buying in the dark just to feel like you’re supporting Black-owned. We give you all the info you need to make awesome purchases with Black businesses!
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Not only can you shop with every business you find on our site, but our search tool and filtering system allow you get exactly what you’re looking for as quickly as possible. No more scrolling through clunky directories or taking shots in the dark on search engines just to buy Black.
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We bring thousands of Black brands in one place. But beyond that, we’re bringing you everything you need to buy Black in a one-stop shop. From reviews to product photos, you have a Black-owned solution for all your buying needs with Nile. Our blog, our video content, and our social media are bonuses to help you find awesome brands!
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We are not stopping with just a directory. We’re building, building, and building some more. More businesses listed everyday. New technical solutions to make buying Black even easier. Innovative ways to centralize your Black-owned online shopping. We’re growing so that we can go where you go and help you buy Black while you’re there.
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In just 6 months, we already hit almost 85,000 unique monthly visitors on our site! We’re helping people all over the world, from Germany to the US, buy with Black-owned ecommerce brands.
Businesses listed
When we launched, we listed just over 1000 Black-owned ecommerce brands. We now list over 2250, and we’re growing every single day. It’s free to list your business with us, and we are consistently connecting our business owner community with resources on top of that.
Social media reach
Every month, we reach hundreds of thousands of people on social media. With almost 35,000 Instagram followers and over 100,000 impressions each month on just Twitter, our reach is far and wide with people who are interested in putting their money where their mouth is.
Nile is about growth for the Black entrepreneurs joining our family. We’ve formed partnerships with Black tech platforms, like Sandbox Commerce, as well as large entities like Walmart, all in order to unlock new opportunities for Black ecommerce brands!
How will Nile Use Your Money?
Best-in-class tech
Solution that will bring the nile experience with you everywhere that you go online
Team expansion to onboard thousands of more businesses
Our technology so we are ready to scale
Our digital presence to bring others onto the Nile Wave
Our business to prepare for future investment and growth
Our IP
Founder Gym
Tuition for our dope founder
And so much more!
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Laurence Hull
Sandy Johnson Jones
Edward Williams
Fred Brewer
Everton Blair
Platinum Level Nil-vigator
Chauneice Davis
Margarite Garner
Ve'Lyn Crosby
Cyril Djoukeng
Patrick Bassey
Ashley Arnold
Tennille Tatum
Bobby Aigbogun
Donald Cooley
Brandon Myers
Jane Ehinmoro
Chinonye Akunne
Wanda ibru
Ve'Lyn Crosby
Cyril Djoukeng
Dawnelle Robinson
Howard Robinson
Evelyn Kachaje
Christen Funderburk
Melissa Whitaker
Lauren Sprott
Bilenda P Madison
Mairama Indimi
Gold Level Nil-vigator
Daphne Davis
John Jones II
Gina Lawrence
Maya McKenzie
Maureen Beavers
Teresa Robin
Michelle Gittens
Nicole Idoko
Racheal Daley
Lestin Kenton
Angela McKenzie
Megan Holston-Alexander
Carolyn Vaughn
Haywood Perry
Chuck Dangler
Shadé Akande
Josalyn Mayfield
Jennifer Lambert
Lawanna Whatley-Walker
Collin Wallace
Malikat Rufai
Sonja Hunt
Nicole Peoples
Cameron Brown
Silver Level Nil-vigator
David Leapheart
Jazzirelle Hill
Aurelia Moore
Gary Crosby
Mmiri Mbah
Michael Robinson
Dawn Myers
Maia Cogen
Kameelah Dixon
Justin Wilson
Sasha Mutchnik
Kevin Reevers
Mac Mackie
Rachel Gholston
Deborah Risper
Jasemen Hatcher
Alicia Sheares
Victor Ban
Gail Tusan Washington
Kirsten Dewitty
Reginald Legrier
Tanay Tatum-Edwards
Kala Bean
Brittanye J Mackey
Toya Carmichael
Mrs Jacobs
Bernadette Beekman
Xavier Peoples
Lisa Garamella
Traci Biswese
Wemimo Abbey
Elijah Zehyoue
Alana Kirkland
LaMichelle Arnold Uzoh
Vann Newkirk
Shimite Obialo
Celeste Jackson
Valerie Wood
Frantzces Lys
Raniece Medley
Melanie Akwule
Aty Biswese
Bronwyn Allen
Cinnamon King
Daniel Marrins
Reginald Esangbedo
Turner Coggins
Tammara Fitzgerald Dukuly
Ingrid Lassiter
Kevin Larkai
Ibiyinka Agbi
Nil-vigator Plus
Sharee Allah
Carole James
McCurtis Grayson
Nikhil Bobb
Charlotte Diamond
Tammy Hwang
Tim Alexander
Dr. Rolandus Rice
Bubba Burns
Lakeisha Andress
Mitch Brooks
Robert Smith
Jax Chaudhry
Black Business Stan
Matt Ryan
Minnie Forte-Brown
Wanda lloyd
Gideon Moncrieffe
Ka'Laun Hambrite
V Glynn
Shannon Cumberbatch
Norrell Edwards
Amanda Hepner
Jaimie McFarlin
Adam Mutschler
Trevor Burton
Michele Hall
Devon Moran
Kerry Byrant
Jeff Gregoire
Omolara Olajumok
Nicole Frederick
Paul Moss
Andretta Taylor
Courtney Reilly
Gail Burns
Gabrielle Arrington
Paige Hendrix Buckner
Simran Makwana
Leland Shelton
Jordan Bryant
Andrew Anderson
Paris Dupree
William Friday II
Mary Burriss
Austin Clarke
Kirsten Pratt
Robin Sirleaf
Griffin Smith
Aba Armah
Pamela Ferrell
Natasha Ali
Evonne Opoku
Dana Williamson
Renee King
Jhenna Louis
Jennifer Albert
Nicole Bush
Cheryl taylor
Dontee Wrenn
Molly Shapiro
Jessica Carey
Deserae Byrant
Nick Hall
Karina Watts
Lauren Fitzpatrick
Linda Hickman
Alawna Jamison
DeAnna Akins
Kimberly Sellars-Bates
Alexandria Daugherty
Shawn Thomas
Ebonique Ellis
Richard Ellis
Verdell Parker
Santea Bullock-Griffin
Cameron Tatum
Dino Wright
Maria Kelts
Claire Milligan
Abigail Irwin
Danielle P
Monae White
Rene Loeb
Ashley McClure-Wolfson
Rhonda McClain
Katherine Castro
Amaya Smith
Sara Heins
Isis Freeman
Joseph Williams
Barbara Osamwonyi
Charlene Badibanga
Desire Durazo
Dee Baskin
Ken Harrison
Livi Grant
Jael Marajh
Stephanie Melikian
Christalle Bodiford
Lindsay Taylor
Boniface Echols
Sidney Robbins
Jeudin Rebecca
Kelly Spratford
Tracey Kearse
Anne Johnson Oliss
Jasmine McCloud
Nnenna Ene
Funmi Oluwasusi
Jazondre Gibbs
Whitney Beecham
Christine White
Melissa Lineburg
Odedele Olajumoke
Amenan Kouadio
Colleen Willoughby
Hank Payton
Campbell Parker
Rachael Smith
Nia Newton
Joseph Thomas
Tara Leavitt
Yofi Dzidzienyo
Martha Diaz
Brittany Maybin
Jacquelyn Slaton
D'Lisa Stevens
Proud Business Backers of NILE
Nilist OG


NCMPRBL (pronounced: N-Com-Par-Bull) watches and fashion accessories are designed with excellence and inspired by experience, made to #advanceyourwrist. Don't be regular, be NCMPRBL.

Interesting Information : NCMPRBL is the first black doctor owned watch and fashion accessories brand in the country. NCMPRBL believes in providing advanced, affordable, style while merging black culture with nostalgic style. Founded in 2019 by Dr. Mario McCoy, NCMPRBL has been featured in shopESSENCE, Shark Discoveries, founded by Shark Tank Pioneer Kevin Harrington,, webuyblack, ABCNews, just to name a few. With a catalog highlighting both men's and women's collections, every NCMPRBL is produced in limited quantities!

Bcfe Ff A Aea Cfac Photos_for_social_media_highlights_and_ads
Adeola Adejobi

Goddess Body, Inc

Goddess Body® Inc.

(@GoddessBody), Is a Women's Natural Health, Organic Feminine Hygiene & Holistic Awareness Company established in 2011 with over Tens of thousands loyal clientele across the world and growing. Our mission is to provide a wealth of knowledge and organic sustainable products & services focusing on women's holistic healing, plant-based hygiene (with our highly sought offer Goddess Yoni Wash® & Yoni Oil®), natural hormonal/emotional balance through plant-based supplements & Detoxification with our Goddess Body Cleanse® & overall pristine wellness. Goddess Body® Inc. offers the BEST in Holistic Feminine Care the 21st Century Goddess™!

Interesting Information : Angela Elizabeth Baker, CEO of GoddessBody Inc. (Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Biologist, Herbalist, Astrologer, & Educator of the Holistic Sciences), is a force in raising awareness and spawning positive actions towards bringing a harmonious holistic lifestyle to woman around the world. She experienced her own battles with ill health, at the young ages of 16-21, ranging from cysts & dire feminine health disorders/painful menses, was told she couldn’t have children, anxiety/panic attacks, kidney, physical/mental/emotional traumas etc. After many failed attempts to heal from these issues, she took on a plant-based diet, researched and trained with the late Dr.Llaila O. Afrika & with the best in holistic health. After a year and a half of specialized natural regimens she successfully eradicated all forms of cysts & dire feminine health disorders once residing in her body! She now has 4 children as her testament to the efficacy of leading a holistic lifestyle! These successes spawned her to live her making as a holistic healer and went on to assist other women & overcome dis-ease & feminine health imbalances, many she herself experienced. Her healing & education inspired the creation of her Goddess Body® Women’s Holistic Health & Hygiene product line in 2011, and The Goddess Academy® In 2020 which includes holistic services, educational seminars & courses, offered online and around the globe.


BlackOwnedBusiness POSITIVECREATIVEENERGY GreetingCard
Nilist Patron

Arrington Herry

Jamie Proctor

Michael Moran

Be Industries LLC

BE Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary member of the LDR Growth Partners family of companies, is a Texas-based, global distributor of healthcare supplies and products with operations and distribution channels worldwide. In 2020 alone, we have delivered to 11 countries and maintained a strong focus on serving those closest to home. We supply healthcare providers, governments, first responders, biopharma companies and others with the medical products they need to do what they do best, safely. Through our innovative sourcing processing models, we leverage our 25 years of experience in distribution to execute a mission to improve access to healthcare supplies in times of crisis across the globe – in every region and circumstance.

 Fa  B Ecf Photos_for_social_media_highlights_and_ads BEI_BeSmart_logo
Charese Woods

Charese Woods

Platinum Level Nilist


Sarah Brazier


MLNN BRND is a lifestyle brand focused on delivering high quality products with a message. Protect Your MLNN is more than just skin deep, but physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Ccfcde C Dad B Cc Photos_for_social_media_highlights_and_ads IMG_()
Küre Therapeutics

Küre Therapeutics is a health and wellness brand with a mission to provide all-natural remedies for the illnesses that plague the communities today.

Interesting Information : We envision a world where alignments can be combated with earth's abundant resources instead of man-made drugs.

Db F  Bf Aaaddefd Photos_for_social_media_highlights_and_ads
Black Beard Brigade

Black Beard Brigade Grooming Co, by Yulaw Naturals specializes in natural and vegan skin, hair, and beard care products. Portions of our proceeds go back into community programs that we work with.

Interesting Information : Along with helping obtain resources for an after school and summer literacy program, Karl Jackson has helped rewrite national STEM tests to ensure that they are relevant to the work industry and absent of bias.

SamplePack ()
Mike D's BBQ

Priscilla Nyankson

Freedom Paper Company

Unite Inc is a 501 c3 that connects high school students to HBCUs and HBCU students to professional opportunities.

Interesting Information : To date we have helped high school seniors obtain over $30 million in scholarships.

Bbf Cd Cd  B Photos_for_social_media_highlights_and_ads EDCBC B EF ABA CFCC
Matt Aaron

Satin Kiss

Satin Kiss provides shoppers with a curated collection of high-quality, body-safe sexual health and pleasure products, as well as 1-on-1 and couples' consulting, workshops, and educational toy parties for all occasions! All gender, ethnic and sexual identities are welcome!

Interesting Information: Satin Kiss is a certified by the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health as a Community Sexual Health Resource!

We aren't just an adult novelty shop, we are an experience and lifestyle brand! Best of all, we relate to and cater to the perspectives of Black, indigenous and other people of color in a way that many other businesses can't, don't and won't.
Gold Level Nilist

Nubian Hueman

Abe Fd Ec F Fcfb Photos_for_social_media_highlights_and_ads Anika Hobbs Head Shot ()

CarmaBella Skincare

Beb Cc Bc Bbd Cbbab Photos_for_social_media_highlights_and_ads Bath
Silver Level Nilist

Daniel Marrins

PSM Group

Reginald Esangbedo

Turner Coggins

Rosandra Vi Organics
Rosandra Vi Organics provides luxury oil blends for the entire family. Get the DIY experience without the effort.
Dce Aed Bc Bb Edcf Photos_for_social_media_highlights_and_ads Cuticle Oil Announcement
Ingrid Lassiter

Blackleaf Vodka