Why the Women of Color & Capital Conference is a MUST for womenpreneurs!

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At Nile, we always are supporting Black-owned businesses. Usually, that’s by helping you find them and shop with them. But we also want dope Black business owners to connect with amazing opportunities. Like the ones at this conference. Looking to learn more about finance, business capital, and how you can make the most of your investments? Then make sure you register for the Women of Color and Capital Virtual Summit on September 26th. Founded by Adeola Adejobi, the goal of both the Women of Color and Capital Virtual Summit and her company the Avant-Garde Network (AGN), is to help shape and support up and coming Black entrepreneurs and leaders. This conference is a great way to meet future investors, mentors, and even new friends!

When asked what she was most excited about for the 2020 WOCXC Summit, Adeola responded: We continue to provide resources to women all over the nation at a very critical time. Our community is growing by the day and additional partners and sponsors have joined us in our work. More companies are starting to take action and understand that the work we do at WOCXC is critical to maintaining economic stability in communities of color! We are providing so much content-rich information during our summit and beyond.” Adeola tells no lies. WOC&C provides real, hands-on, applicable advice - it’s not a high level day of cheerleading, but rather a day of practical guidance to help women actually DO when it comes to entrepreneurship and getting funding.

So, you still might be asking yourself right now, “Why should I go?” Well, to encourage you to show up and show out for your future, here are 3 reasons why you should attend the 2020 WOCXC Summit on September 26th:

  1. It’s virtual: No need to worry about getting sick with COVID 19 or being wary about shaking hands, as you can attend this event from the comfort of your own home! In this household, we practice social distancing! 

  2. Figure out the next steps for your business: We know it must be hard to connect with clients during this pandemic, but during this Summit, not only will you have access to vast new networks whose knowledge you can profit from, but, this event will also provide you with the skills and tools that can allow you to take control of your financial destiny!

  3. Access to exclusive knowledge from entrepreneurs, financiers, and professionals: This Virtual Summit, will essentially be a Masterclass where you can tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of established and accomplished leaders of color. You will be able to learn from experienced individuals like Natalie Vernon, the Associate Principal Counsel at Disney, and Ashley Bell, the newly appointed White House Policy Advisor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, while also gaining practical tools in business finance and capital.

Disclaimer: At The Nile List, we support the endeavors of Black entrepreneurs, in fact, we take them very seriously. Since we are a company founded and managed by a Black woman, we find it important for resources like the 2020 Women of Color and Capital Virtual Summit to be accessed by as many Black Women Entrepreneurs as possible. The success of Black women is non-negotiable and necessary! Plus, Nile’s founder, Khadijah Robinson, attended last year and it was the BEST conference she went to all year, hands down!

So, now that we’ve convinced you, here’s how you can register for the WOCXC Summit and take control of your future. Secure your spot here: https://bit.ly/2ZeLhXy AND make sure that you tell all your friends, coworkers, and acquaintances about this amazing opportunity. Oh, and while you're waiting for the Summit, don’t forget to buy Black and shop with us at thenilelist.com!

*WOCXC is a backer of Nile’s current crowdfunding campaign, which you can learn more about here!


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