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Celebrate Black Love! Create A Couples Overnight Petite Fete!

Valentine’s weekend is upon us, so let’s celebrate Black Love

Group gatherings have become smaller, but don’t allow this to stop you and your boo from sharing and celebrating the weekend of love with one of your favorite couples. Create a special Couple’s Overnight Petite Fete (French for “small party”)  for four! (I love using French words to describe things, it makes it sound so fancy!) 

Be over the top and all-out “extra” for your Couple’s Overnight Petite Fete! This should be a night of opulence and fabulousity! No paperware anywhere, darling! Everything and everyone should look FABULOUS! Pull out the cloth napkins, silverware, plates, small platters, cheese sets, goblets, and champagne glasses. 

Ask your guest to wear upscale/cocktail outfits. Create the expectation of the night with the outfit. 

Set the atmosphere of your home. Low lighting, fresh flowers, (take advantage of Valentine roses sales at your local grocery stores), and beautiful candlelight. (I suggest worry-free flameless candles.)

Create a romantic music playlist on your favorite music streaming platform. If you don’t have time, just let Pandora do the work. 

Purchase Black-Owned/created treats from desserts to bottles of Champagne, Sparkling wine, or non-alcoholic beverages. Make sure you have wine to drink and a bottle of wine to place in your guest Valentine’s basket. (Which we talk about later.)  Check out The Nile List for your Black-owned wines/ wineries, treats, and more. 

One of my favorite wineries and gift-giving bottles of wine here in North Carolina is Davidson Wine Company: An Urban Winery. This Black and female-owned winery located in Davidson County is the first Urban Winery in North Carolina. It’s owned and operated by lawyer turned winemaker,  Lindsey Williams. Mrs. William’s vision for Davidson Wine Company was to bring deliciously affordable locally made wine options to her beautiful small town of Davidson nestled 20 miles north of Charlotte, NC.  And that she has - the Davidson Wine Company winery is super chic and the bottles and gifts are unmistakably  “Boss” status!

 This incredible urban winery also offers custom wine labeling for all occasions! 

Your Petite Fete should be easy yet fantastic. Greet your guest with a treat or purchase the popular charcuterie platter, a French term referring to the arrangement of dried meats, dried fruit, olives, crackers, cheeses, bread, etc. (We have been calling them “meat and cheese trays’ but hey if we’re calling a couple’s weekend a  “Petite Fete”, “Charcuterie,” it is! LOL!)

Book a private chef. Your invited couple will be more than excited to share this experience as well as share the cost for this experience. Many private chefs have Valentine’s specials, check your local listings and COVID restrictions.

Surprise your guest. When they enter their room to retire for the evening, have for them a custom Luxe Black Love Sweetheart Basket. Suggested but not limited to: A bottle of wine,  a scented candle, a pair of matching pajamas, travel-size toiletries, and chocolates. Your one-stop black-owned business shop for these items are all right here at your fingertips. Visit 

The Nile List for online stores to order early to have products delivered to your door the day before Valentine’s Day. 

In the morning, we’ll make WAFFLES (in my Donkey from Shrek voice) and French Toast. 

Sleep late and start your brunch around 11 am. Let your guest enjoy lounging in their gifted pajamas and fill the late morning/early afternoon with a variety of fruits, meats (fried chicken, bacon) pastries, gourmet coffee, teas, mimosas, and juices. Remember to make your morning easy. You want to enjoy your Petite Fete, as much as your guests, so pre-order your fruit tray and pastries, even your fried chicken.

Let your guests’ inner Chef Edna Lewis rise (a Black History moment) and set up a waffle and an omelet station for them to create their brunch specialties! All you need is spray oil, a waffle maker, and a great medium size non-stick frying pan!

Omelet Station : (suggested and not limited to) 

Bowls of egg yolk (keep refrigerated )

Variety of Cheese

Sliced Mushrooms

Sliced Onions

Sliced Green, Yellow, & Red Bell Peppers

Dried tomatoes

Baby Spinach 

Waffle Station Fixings: (suggested and not limited to)

Bowl of Waffle Mix 

Powdered Sugar 


Brown Sugar


Red Chocolate pieces

White Chocolate pieces

Milk Chocolate pieces

Peanut Butter pieces

Sea Salt Carmel Pieces


Various Fruit Filling/Topping (Cherry, Peach, Apple, etc)



Chocolate syrup

Whipped cream

Here is Fab Foodie Club’s recipe for Overstuffed French Toast 

Fab Foodie’s Overstuffed French Toast


Things needed:

-Sliced Strawberries

-Cream cheese

- 2 slices of bread

- 2 eggs



-Brown sugar 

-Powdered sugar




In a bowl mix:

-2 eggs

-1/2 cup of milk of your choice

-A teaspoon of cinnamon

-A teaspoon of dark brown sugar

Mix ingredients together

Separately dip in your mixture, 2 slices of your favorite slice of plain bread

Make sure both sides of the bread is covered with the mixture


How to Prepare: 

In a warm frying pan melt 4 tablespoons of butter. Increase heat to Medium-High

Add your mixture covered bread to the pan. Flip over bread in the pan when the side becomes brown. Remove bread when both sides are golden brown. Repeat on the second slice of bread.

 Add more butter to the pan. Turn the pan on low.

Place finished a slice of bread in the pan.

Place a few strawberries on top, add a large spoonful of cream cheese on top strawberries & add a few more strawberries on top of cream cheese. Add the second slice of finished bread on top. Cover the pan for about five minutes.

Plate your French toast. Top with pecan or walnuts (optional), more strawberries & lightly dust with powdered sugar.

Eat, drink, laugh and enjoy, celebrating BLACK LOVE!

For more food fabulous ideas, recipes, follow me on at Fab Food Club along with my social media platforms. @fabfoodieclub Instagram and Fab Foodie Club Facebook and Youtube.


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