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Gettin’ Yo Soul Right Through Food!

Detox your mind and body by fasting and eating healthy with Black-owned businesses

If you were raised up in the church like me, you know the first of a new year means it’s time for the Daniel Fast. 21 days of eating only vegetables, non-meat proteins, drinking water, and 100% fruit juices starting sometime in January and can last till mid-February.    

When I was younger, the weekend prior to this cleansing fast, I would binge eat food like the pudgy brat visiting the Willy Wonka factory! I would eat all the meat, bread, pasta, and sweets that I could get my hands on, trying to harbor the “good stuff” in my belly, mimicking a bear preparing for hibernation in hopes of retaining the goodness for the long weeks ahead. Crazy, right?

Back then, in my mind, The Daniel Fast was more of a punishment in order to place your body and mind under subjection instead of the enlightenment of healing and detoxing the body in order for your mind to be able to recharge and think more clearly. 

You see, when you are doing the Daniel Fast, these are the things you can not eat:


Sugar (Sweeteners)

Sweets (Cookies, Cakes, etc) 

Processed Foods





Energy drink



See I told you all “good stuff!” Even though these are GOOD TO US, sometimes these foods are not always GOOD FOR US, we must give and allow our bodies some time to rest from these glorious foods. But let’s not get caught up in what foods are good and what foods are not,  because once we start going down that rabbit hole, we will end up eating only twigs and berries! That might be good for some folks, but not for all folks!. What I am saying is that the body,  our gut needs a moment to reset itself in order to continue to work efficiently. Too much of the “good stuff” can lead to “bad health.” And this is what the Daniel Fast does for and to us, the fast aids in “rebooting’ our bodies. 

Food is intended for fuel. And just like your fuel tank needs flushing out, so does our body. Our gut (stomach, intestines) contributes to our overall body’s health (heart, brain, blood vessels, blood, nerves, etc.)  immune system, and mental wellness, 95% of our serotonin is produced here. Serotonin, a natural mood stabilizer, is the key hormone that affects depression and anxiety. A hormone that is made up of amino acids, amino acids that enter the body through the “fuel”  (foods) we eat.  

If you’re in a bad mood, it could be something you ate or didn’t eat enough of!  So next time when Temper Tantrum Tikey shows out, don’t give him a Snicker, give that boy some carrot sticks!  

The Daniel Fast may not be for you but take a month or at least two weeks during the early part of this year to reboot your gut by eliminating processed foods, sugars, carbs, red meat, and incorporating more roughage:

Leafy green vegetables





If you have health issues, consult your physician before the fast, and if you have food allergies always eliminate those things that will cause you harm.        

During your fast, don’t worry about the “snack attack” monster, We got you! The Nile List has a cornucopia of delicious wellness treats that will help you along in your journey. For starters, check out scrumptious  Nikki Crisps, and here is also a great vegetarian snack recipe that you can also use as a delicious meal.

Fab Foodie Club Quick & Easy Nutty Lettuce Wrap & Sauce

Artisan Lettuce (or any lettuce of your choice)

-2 large carrot (grated)

-½ cup of chopped Red Onion

-1 tbsp of butter (two slices) 

-1 cup of chopped Walnut (or your favorite nut) 

-1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce

In a saucepan, melt your butter on medium-high heat. Add your chopped nuts, add Worchestire sauce, cook until nuts are golden brown. 

Stuff lettuce leaf with cooked nut mixture, add a layer of carrots and red onions. Drizzle with sauce

Fab Foodie Nutty Lettuce Wrap Sauce

½ cup of honey (or to taste) 

¼ cup of olive oil

Dash of Crushed Red Peppers

Dash of Hot Sauce 

Mix well.  Serve

For more great recipes and fun, log on to Fab Foodie Club and join me on my social media platforms @fabfoodieclub (Instagram) and Fab Foodie Club (Facebook & Youtube).



Owens Daniels

Such a wonderful article. I am impressed with the food pictures which invite me to try the dish along with article which informs me of the value of the meal.


Jayla Nicole

Great article! Can't wait to try these recipes!!


Maxine Lee

This will be a fabulous dish for Super Bowl!

Usr Comment

Emily Jackson

Great article with sensible food suggestions to eat for fuel! Recipe sounds yummy and also good for me. I will definitely add to my list of favorites! Emily D.

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