Quarantine Monday Blog Post

COVID-19 came through like a wrecking ball for many small businesses, but most especially for Black-owned businesses. It's hard out here in these small business streets right now. ESPECIALLY if you're a Black-owned business. But y'all can still support Black brands while you're in quarantine. 

We’ve been finding ways to make our support of small Black-owned businesses more meaningful and more immediate during this crisis. You can check out our blog post on how to support Black-owned businesses from your living room! And you can also buy Black with special discounts that we got for you. Yes, you heard that right. If you want to support Black-owned businesses, the best things you can do are to buy from them and promote them to your networks. To make that easier for you to do, Nile started our Quarantine Monday series, where we highlight a different Black-owned business and give out a discount to our followers every Monday. If you’re a business interested in being featured, click here. If you want to know more about the discounts we’ve already given out, keep reading!

So, let us hip you to some game. First and foremost, you can always find businesses offering exclusive discounts on Nile by using our “Discounts Available” filter for your searches and browses. Just head to theNileList.com and use the search bar on the homepage.

You can also use this filter when you are browsing and discovering new Black-owned businesses in our Discover section.

Every business that has a special Nile discount will also have a notation on their listing in the Connection section. But make sure you’re signed up as a registered user on our site, or else you won’t be able to view it!

We work hard to connect with dope Black-owned businesses and get you the discounts that you want and deserve. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (@theNileList) to stay up to date on the dope businesses we feature and the discounts we secure! Check out the businesses we’ve highlighted for Quarantine Monday so far below.

Quarantine Monday Highlighted Businesses

Mike D’s BBQ 

Mike D's is an award winning line of signature BBQ sauces and all-purpose dry rubs. Their sauces are a twist on the traditional BBQ sauces with some unique seasonins and spice levels. Shop Mike D's today and get 15% off your purchase using the code NILE15 at checkout!

If you're already a Mike D’s fan, make sure you leave a review on the business's Nile listing!

Marie Hunter Beauty

Marie Hunter Beauty is a cosmetics and fragrances company made for the Modern Muse. Boldly empowering wo(men) with beauty, confidence and class, this brand, founded by KéNisha Ruff, offers unparallelled personal and home care. Shop Marie Hunter today and get 15% off your purchase using the code MHBXNILE at checkout!

If you're already a Marie Hunter Beauty fan, make sure you leave a review on the business's Nile listing!

The Green Laundress

The Green Laundress offers the best laundry products at the lowest prices online. Owner Erica Ahmed started the company after having a hard time finding commercial products on her journey to natural cleaning. She started researching and experimenting until she found the right combination of natural, non-toxic ingredients to make eco- and people- friendly products. Shop The Green Laundress today and get 10% off your purchase using the code GREENNILE2020 at checkout!

If you're already a Green Laundress fan, make sure you leave a review on the business's Nile listing!

Positive Creative Energy

Positive Creative Energy owner, Jemila Pratt, designs handmade greeting cards and small batch body & hair products made with organic ingredients. These beautiful *handmade* greeting cards are crafted and designed with love, positive creative energy, and dopeness. And we all need alladat right now. Shop Positive Creative Energy today and get 10% off your purchase using the code PCE10 at checkout!

If you're already a Positive Creative Energy fan, make sure you leave a review on the business's Nile listing!

Smell Good Spa

Smell Good Spa owner, Itiel McVay, create aromatic products for women who are making a conscientious change in their personal care products. The company mission is to produce fine, quality products, to encourage women to seek healthier options in their bath and body care and aromatic home products. Shop Smell Good Spa today and get 20% off your purchase using the code NILE20 at checkout!

If you're already a Smell Good Spa fan, make sure you leave a review on the business's Nile listing!

Designs by Tee

Designs by Tee's owner is a social worker who created this brand to put positive energy and imagery out into the world. Each sale supports homeless children and families in NYC. Shop Designs by Tee today and get 10% off your purchase of fope tees and statement wear using the code TEENILE10 at checkout!

If you're already a Designs by Tee fan, make sure you leave a review on the business's Nile listing!

Loza Tam

You can always check out Loza Tam's website to find some of the best headwear on the market. These headbands, turbans, and headwraps are pre-tied for ease (because who has time for dat?) and are satin-lined to keep your hair lookin' and feelin' great underneath. Buy one for yourself and two for your favorite lady! Shop Loza Tam today and get 10% off your purchase using the code NILE10 at checkout!

Oh-Mazing Food

Oh-Mazing is just that. This from-scratch granola company was founded by Stephanie Williams, a mom of two based in Washington, DC. Stephanie's love for cooking was sparked later in life during her college years when she began to miss home-cooked meals. A former Biology major, all of Stephanie's research and experiments are now conducted in the kitchen. And thank goodness for that! Her granola caught Nile's eye in the Shop Made in DC store, and has become a Nile favorite ever since. As one Nil-vigator said after finally trying this granola upon Nile's encouragement, "I am sorry I doubted you!" Don't doubt us - it's truly oh-mazing. Dopest part about it? If you shop Oh-Mazing today, you get 15% off your purchase using the code NILE15 at checkout!

If you're already an Oh-Mazing Food fan, make sure you leave a review on the business's Nile listing!

Beija Flor Naturals

Beija-Flor Naturals is a hair, bath and body brand that will blow your mind. This dope brand has nearly a decade as a Curly Girl favorite product line in addition to skincare that is effective, exotic and unique in the green beauty market! Use code NILE for 15% off today.

If you're already an Beija-Flor fan, make sure you leave a review on the business's Nile listing!

Spoon & Theory Handmade

Spoon and Theory handmade is a Black-owned creative arts, jewelry and aromatherapy goods store that provides everything from upcycled leather to Eco- inspired laser cut jewelry + aromatherapy diffuser jewelry + aromatherapy body + home goods. Right now, they even have awesome triple-layered masks! Use code NILE15 for 15% off today.

Leave Spoon & Theory a review on their Nile listing to further support the business!

Lizzie's Natural Products

Lizzie's All-natural Products creates fresh, natural, toxin free products for your home and body. Their promise is to provide you with quality products that your skin will love and benefit from. Lizzie's products are made with real, pure, simple and plant based ingredients that are good for your skin from head to toe. The eczema butter is a gem, and the hand sanitizer is a great alternative that will leave your hands feeling good and clean without the harshness. Not to mention, the specially-formulated laundry detergent is amazing for sensitive skin and lasts forever!! Use the code NILELIST5 for 5% off your purchase.

Leave Lizzie's a review on their Nile listing to further support the business!


AcARRE is a natural prestige brand of multi-use bioactive beauty products for the beauty minimalist to age beautifully, based on modernized African and Pacific Islander ancestry elements delivering multi-level benefits, bringing balance to the skin. Not to mention, the specially-formulated facial care will help get your face right, even with all that mask-wearing!! Use the code NILELOVE for 15% off your purchase.

Leave AcARRe a review on their Nile listing to further support the business!

Mother’s Day Guide 

For Mother's Day this year, Nile put together a gift guide to help people make the most of it for the special ladies in their lives. But the discounts didn't stop with Mother’s Day! All the wine lovers, lipstick wearers, journal-ers, and chocolate-fiends can still get their fix, with discounts, from the dope brands that we highlighted in our guide. Check out the discounts we still have available and make every day Mother’s Day with some dope Black brands.

TYED by Dede

TYED by Dede is a luxury custom made bow tie company that sets their customers apart to be edgy individuals. They pay careful attention in selecting only the best quality fabric. A TYDE BY DEDE customer won’t have to worry about attending any event and having 20 people in the same tie!!! You pick the fabric and they will do the rest. No more expensive bow ties and clip on's. Use Code TYEDBYDEDE for 10% off your order!

If you're into looking fresh, make sure you leave a review on the business's Nile listing!

Black Beard Brigade

Black Beard Brigade is your one stop shop for men's natural grooming products! These days, getting quality products and great service is hard to come by. The founders at Black Beard Brigade started creating their own natural products, then decided to share them with the world.

One thing we love about this brand is their passion for aspiring to help programs in the community. Portions of our proceeds are invested back into the foundation of the community. This strategy of Impact Investing enables them to help strengthen the foundation of the community while reaching a greater number of people. They strive to fix the root cause of problems and not provide a temporary fix.   

You can shop Black Beard Brigade Products and get 10% off your purchase now with code NILELIST10!

Don't forget to leave them a fresh review too.

DIVA by Cindy

Diva by Cindy is on a mission is to promote the growth of longer, healthier hair with products that are natural and alcohol-free. Their products are enriched with healing  ingredients such as Panthenol (B Vitamins), aloe, rosemary, horsetail, nettles, peppermint, menthol and camphor which stimulate the scalp and promote circulation and hair growth while leaving your hair silkier and shinier!

Their products are also  formulated to assist cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and experiencing hair loss as well as individuals with thyroid disorders on thyroid medications. Women who experience hair  shedding and hair loss from hypertension and anti-hypertensives and tension and traction alopecia have also found our products to be beneficial. The extraordinary detangling ability of DIVA BY CINDY products keep hair on the head instead of stuck in the comb or on the floor giving you longer, healthier divalicious hair.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of their hair products to support victims of domestic violence, a program they call  "The Diva Project."

Use the code DIVA for $5 off your purchase with Diva by Cindy! Show them some love by leaving a review here.

Perfect Blue Alchemy

This mystical brand is all about handcrafted organic, vegan and natural perfumes, body products and home items made from organic essential oils and organic plant oils.

Perfect Blue Alchemy is a woman and minority owned, founded in 2015. They found that one of the most difficult items for women on their wellness journey away from toxic, damaging products was perfume- from this need and owner Kenya's personal need, Perfect Blue Alchemy was born.

Kenya found that it was very easy to replace lotions, creams, body wash, facial care items, even deodorant and toothpaste, but finding a great smelling, non-alcohol based perfume that would last all day and was actually beneficial to the body was impossible.She formulated several creations while on a break from biochemistry school and these creations eventually evolved into Perfect Blue Alchemy!

From their signature fragrances that also have therapeutic whole body benefits, they then branched out into skincare, haircare and home items and grew our Perfect Blue Alchemy family.

Use the code PBANILE for $10 off your purchase with Perfect Blue Alchemy!


This week, we are featuring a brand that is as stylish as it is affordable. Founder Mario McCoy has had an affinity for timepieces since he was a child. Coming from the inner-city, he saw watches as something made your statement before you.  He longed for a brand that merged the fashion and watch worlds and spoke to and for the creatives- him being an unabashed hip-hop and sneaker entrepreneur himself. Inspired by the creatives, the family airloom timepieces that connect generations, and above all providing a product that speaks before you enter the room. With that said...don't be regular, be NCMPRBL.


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