Nile's Mother's Day Guide

Shop Our Mother's Day Favorites with the Exclusive Nile Discount Codes Found Here.

We love moms. I mean, who doesn’t? They nurture. They love. They buy us those big ass boxes of Fruit Roll Ups from Sam’s and yell at dad when he tries to eat them all. Moms are the best. Sunday is a day to celebrate moms, and we’d be remiss here at Nile if we didn’t help y’all do just that.

In honor of mothers and Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a small shopping guide to help you make the day as special as possible for the special women in your life, with discounts and Blackness to boot! Here are 6 gift ideas from Black-owned online retailers, all of whom are delivering, and all of whom are offering you a discount for being a Nile enthusiast. Shop, share, and celebrate moms!

Harlem Chocolate Factory

As the only chocolatier in Harlem, owner Jessica Spaulding and the Harlem Chocolate Factory incorporate the rich fabric of Harlem into each of its chocolates, wowing us with products such as the Ace of Spades truffle or the Harlem Brownstone chocolate bar sprinkled with gold.

Use code NILELIST for 10% off. 

Marie Hunter Beauty

Marie Hunter's mission is to boldly empower women like you with the beauty, confidence, and class to feel like the best version of yourself on the inside and outside. This lip wear brand focuses on iconic packaging and statement-making modern collections that are designed to help you discover and walk in that reflection. Dope women deserve dope lipstick, and with Marie Hunter’s recent expansion into candles and skincare, the women in your life can get the whole package here.

Use code MHBXNILE for 15% off.

Please Notes

PleaseNotes is a line of affirmation-filled goods created to help mom become her favorite version of mom. PleaseNotes and Cheryl Sutherland have been featured in InStyle, Huffington Post, Forbes, Stationery Trends, Fast Company, Thrive Global, Brit + CO, Oh So Beautiful Paper and more.  The PleaseNotes Guided Journal and Label of Love were both finalists for the Best New Product Award for  the “All Things Paper” and “Life / Style” categories at the 2017 National Stationery Show. 

Use code NILE for 15% off.

Shoe Crazy Wine

Shoe Crazy Wine works with the best vineyards in California to develop our unique blends. Their wines are created with women in mind. Owned and operated by a mother-daughter team, Shoe Crazy understands that women face tough daily challenges, and they know that we can tackle them together — with a great pair of shoes and a great wine!

Grab 15% off a variety of wines with the code NIL3.


Miss Intentional creates thought provoking tees that intentionally cultivate human interaction, creative expression & style. Their philosophy is simple. 

Be Intentional, Purposeful and Present. 

Your voice has the power to 

Heal, Unify, & Change the world. 


Moms will undoubtedly love (Nile’s founder Khadijah’s mom absolutely loves them!).

Use code NILETRIBE for 10% off.

Perfect Blue Alchemy

Perfect Blue Alchemy is a small company making handcrafted organic, vegan, and natural perfumes, body products, and home items from organic essential oils and organic plant oils. PBA is a woman and minority owned company founded in 2015.

Use the code PBANILE to score 10% off.


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