Friendship 201

How to support your bestie’s business

By LaRia Land

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get through 30 minutes of scrolling on any social media timeline without seeing a status or meme low-key threatening people to support their friends and family’s businesses. These posts pop up in droves when a new product by a celebrity or a big brand flies off the shelves or sets a record. It seems that people think that they are being socially conscious and encouraging their followers to do the “right” thing by supporting those businesses. But shame and guilt never really work when it comes to encouraging people to support!

Friends and family are like any other customer: we buy quality products that we like. And, if we haven’t supported your business yet, it’s probably because we may not understand your product or service and how we can help; or, sometimes we see you making moves and think you don’t need help. 

Part of Nile’s mission is to transform how customers connect with businesses. It’s all about connections and strengthened support systems, but Nile can’t replace an entrepreneur’s friends, family, and village. We are the first source of support for any entrepreneur, so we must know how to support it. Here are three actions you can take to support the entrepreneurs in your life: 

Number one; ask how they are doing apart from the business. Starting a business is difficult, expensive, and extremely time-consuming. Your friend or family member is spending every moment they can planning how to launch or take their business to the next level. Checking on the person reminds them that they are not alone and can lead to a refueling conversation or outing they need to not get lost in the work. If it includes wine or tequila shots, even better!

Number two, Follow, Like, and Share their business content on social media. Every article like this has to mention social media engagement. When it comes to ways to support, this is truly low hanging fruit. It is free and takes only seconds to do, but the impact on the business is monumental. You never know who on your timeline will become a customer because of your recommendation. Furthermore, businesses use their social media following and engagement to attract investors and publicity. Seconds out of your day could translate into growth for their business. 

Number three, ask them how you can help and be prepared to do it. Don’t think that because this is listed last that it is the least important. Nothing tops helping someone in the exact way that they need. This shows that you are considerate, purposeful, and keeps you from fretting over how to help in a way that you can’t afford. Furthermore, make sure your ask is genuine. If you can’t do exactly what they need, discuss a version you can commit. Having dependable people in their corner is invaluable at any stage of a business. 

Hopefully, these three actions will start you down the path of being there in a new way for the entrepreneurs in your inner circle. Let us know in the comments or on social media @thenilelist if you have more ideas on how to support your entrepreneur friends. 

LaRia Land is a public relations professional who lives and works in the Washington, D.C. area. 

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