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Three Black Women With Headties


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Charitable, Free Shipping, Luxury, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Family Owned, Natural, Cruelty-Free
We’re a mother, daughter and sister trio committed to providing our customers with the purest, chemical-free hair extensions on the market. Our love of hair started long ago with our Nana, who ran a hair salon out of her kitchen. A child of the Caribbean, she crafted her hair products from ingredients found in the kitchen and garden, and provided service and products to black women at a time when those things weren’t available. Nana was committed to providing her customers with the finest service and products, and we continue that tradition today with our chemical-free, high-quality hair extensions. So who are we? Diane is our resident Hair Guru. With over 17+ years’ experience working within the Beauty Supply industry, she’s literally seen it all from plastic and animal hair to counterfeit hair products. Together with our team, Diane ensures JSDK Hair consistently supplies the purest, high-quality, 100% raw Indian human hair extensions. Marcia is the business brain of JSDK Hair. Drawing on her 10+ years as an entrepreneur and business owner, Marcia makes sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes. Racheal is the driver behind the JSDK Hair brand and vision. She uses thoughtful strategic planning and streamlines our project management so that growth and expansion are always happening at JSDK. And together, we are JSDK Hair, your source for top-quality hair extensions and low-maintenance hair care tips.

Prissy Posh Extensions

Hair & Headwear, Wigs, Weaves and Hairpieces
Free Shipping, Women Owned
Prissy Posh Incorporated was founded September 24, 2017. We are a styling company and this current website is a segment of what we do! We believe the best way to express yourself without saying a word is through your appearance. When getting ready we always start from head to toe! We specialize in achieving any desired look with Luxurious Hair at collegiate prices, we are trendy, manageable and efficient! If you are wondering why Prissy Posh is our name… well Prissy is hard to please and Posh is highly maintained … shop with us and you’ll definitely be the reflection of our definition! We strive to be the best of the best and make sure you are never caught slipping! We offer BUNDLES, CUSTOM (MANMADE AND MACHINE-WEFTED) UNITS, MINK LASHES, BEAUTY PRODUCTS AND MUCH MORE !!!Prissy Posh Incorporated is more than just some hair company we are a styling we are here to get you to the exceptional potential your heart desires. Stick with us and you are never caught slipping! Check out our social media for deals and looks we offer! We appreciate you stopping by our store! We are dedicated to offering you top quality products and services at prices you can afford. Our goal is to help you find the best possible products and make sure you are our next happy customer. With popular styles ranging from Body Wave, Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Kinky Curly, Silky Straight, Afro Kinky we are confident you will be able to find the hairstyle you are looking for. We have closures to match!

UniVersal Dreads LLC

Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Hair Styling, Other, Weaves and Hairpieces, Accessories
Women Owned
Your Loc Journey is my passion! I am Aissa Aset Bey. Having over 20 years experience as an Exclusive Master Loctician and licensed cosmetologist, as well as being a mentor to aspiring locticians, stylists, and an educator for licensed professionals I bring you the Natural Science of Loc'd Hair, the Science of Non-Toxic Products , the multicultural elements in the Art of Locs, and the exemplary skills to serve every hair texture in the world of locs!

El Roche

Hair & Headwear, Wigs, Weaves and Hairpieces
Women Owned, Free Shipping, Ships Internationally
We are a luxury Hair and Beauty brand based in Ghana and the UK. The brand's aim is to bring out women’s inner Goddess through quality hair and beauty products. We want women to feel beautiful, confident, and admired from wearing luxurious Roche hair extensions and using our quality beauty products. Roche Hair and Beauty came from a young lady who has been passionate about beauty from a very young age and hair since she started wearing weaves at the age of 13. She wasn’t always confident in the way she looked, she had a number of insecurities that affected her confidence, she didn’t believe in her beauty. As time went on, she began to develop her own style through trying different hair styles and learning about beauty products. She started to believe in her beauty, the inner goddess within her began to shine through. People would always ask her where she would get her hair from, who did her hair or how she did her hair. For a short while, she started doing hair for young ladies in her university, realising she had something and was making these ladies feel beautiful, making her feel good and she was doing something right. Her hair journey continued on when she got a job at a well-known London hair extensions company. Within 2 years she learnt so much about hair and beauty but also gained a lifelong mentor, who encouraged her to begin her own journey within the industry. At the time she didn’t have the confidence to start, doubting her ability to overcome the pressures within the popular industry, believing there was a large number of women already doing the one thing she wanted to do the most, she told herself No. However, the universe didn’t stop showing her that it was her calling to make women feel good, the feeling she got knowing she was a part of the reason another woman felt beautiful and glamourous, she realised this is what she wants always do, the No shortly turned into a Yes. After many years of doubt and worry, mishaps along the way, starting and later on being forced to start again, she found her difference, she found her own style and remembered her aims and goals, this was the birth of Roche Hair and Beauty. “Believe in your Beauty, Be a Roche goddess”. -Founder, Rosina Rochelle

The Renatural

Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Weaves and Hairpieces
Women Owned, Ships Internationally
Thank you for visiting The Renatural! Hi I'm Aasiyah (wearing an 18 inch body wave 6*6 closure wig)! I created The Renatural in the summer of 2019 because after writing a dissertation about wig manufacturing and spending 12 years as a wig enthusiast and amateur stylist, I felt like the industry was lacking. Lacking in innovation, product development, accessibility, sustainability, the list goes on (and on and on)! There's a lot of creativity and DIY solutions from stylists and customers but the products offered to us just aren't matching up. At The Renatural we're fulfilling that gap. All of our wig related products will be innovative, focused on realism, ease and designed with your lifestyle in mind. Thank you for joining us on this journey!