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Casauri has been creating high quality carrying cases since1999 in New York, New Jersey, and Florida, USA. We started out designing stylish laptop cases that made design history by becoming the first laptop case sold at the MoMA Design Store (Museum of Modern Art) in New York and Tokyo. Casauri customers are individuals who value bold style and well-thought out design. Casauri bags travel the world – from Iceland to Australia, from Hong Kong to Jamaica - and everywhere in between – #CarryCasauri!

Lakay Designs

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Lakay Designs - The Largest Home Decor Manufacturer Lakay Se Lakay 'Home is Home'! Small batch manufacturing and distribution of African print designs for your home as well as everyday life. It was to this end that Lakay Designs Home Decor, a first of its kind African Decor Business, which specializes in using African Prints and Designs for homes, announced that the enterprise is in the business of home decor, with the primary intent of restoring the rich cultural heritage of African designs to homes, as well as adding the beauty of African ‘colors’ to the everyday life of Americans. When it comes to decorating ones home, there are loads of choices to opt for. Tons of global materials are finding their way into the homes of many people. But as good as these are, they are no match for the glamour and beauty that an African Home Decor radiates.

Black Lion Leather

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What Our Customers Say Carry your Culture ™ Black Lion Leather was conceived to inspire people with products that honor their cultural heritage and personal style. This vision makes us unique in the fine leather industry. Our mission, with a focus on building connections domestically, means that each leather accessory is handcrafted with a sense of pride and care. We manufacture our products with the highest quality leather, hardware and craftsmanship. We strive through strategic partnerships, community sponsorship, and philanthropy to recycle our financial profits back into our communities. Thank you for visiting Black Lion Leather.

Cynthia Abila

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Cynthia Abila is an eponymous brand created by Cynthia Otiyo-Abila founded in 2016. Cynthia Abila is passionate about African cultures and story telling. She interprets these wonderful traditions through her pieces by reinventing them as modern silhouettes made for the traveling woman.. Based in Nigeria, we inspire locally, design, source and produce materials by engaging artisans across the country. Our influences are rooted in the tribal ways of the South-South and Southeast Nigeria. We promote local production and the preservation of centuries old techniques of hand made fabric production. In doing so, we also provide vital work opportunities and essential training to local communities. Our beaded and adorned pieces are also worked by hand and finally machine finished. With the adoption of flexible work policies, women represent 70% of the work force, which enables them support their families. Our pieces are made for the fashion-conscious woman who explores the world beyond her walls and yet holds passionately to her roots. Our mission is to display the timeless nature of African heritage and its application to the aesthetics of modern clothing.


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Fulani is the name of a nomadic population who encountered many different cultures in their journeys, each of them making them who they are. Like my nomadic ancestors, my inspiration comes from all the places I have been, and where I come from. A few years ago I fell in love with a traditional hand woven fabric from Senegal, called Rabaal. From there the vision to use this rich and colorful fabric as an inspiration for a handbag line was born. With so many pattern and color possibilities the design options are endless. Fulani takes an ancient pattern and makes it contemporary again. When designing, I like to keep the collection simple with elegant lines to compliment the eclectic fabric insert I use. Soft leather frame and luxury hardware give it a contemporary touch while the craftsmanship makes it timeless.

Affirmation Culture

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Our founder, Monique Brown, has always been a passionate advocate for mindfulness and mental health wellness. After deciding to take a year out of her fast-paced career in the film industry, she moved to New York to regain work life balance. During this time Monique used mindfulness and positive affirmations in her own self-care practice. She discovered how powerful positive thought has the ability to change our lives for the better and what we believe to be possible. "a+FFIRMATION CULTURE was born out of wanting to help others see their own value, worth and potential to do the extraordinary" After using candles during meditation, Monique wanted to create a product that would be good for the body and mind. This inspired the idea of making clean burning, natural candles that came with a positive affirmation and a+FFIRMATION CULTURE was born.


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Welcome to Paradise! We are a home decor company specializing in art design prints through a variety of home goods that emphasizes the word "colour-pop"! Our sister company Trèfle became the inspiration to carry on our unique and vibrant prints from swimwear and resortwear to home decor and accessories. Our products are 100% made in the BVI(British Virgin Islands) and our fabrics are of the highest quality with all of our printing done in the USA. We are so excited to share this new venture with you and look forward to assisting you with your new project of turning your home, office, store or hotel into an inspiration of paradise! Enjoy "Our Home...Your Paradise"


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My Name is Nelia, im an island girl with a passion for travel and animals. I started WLP.Co after the passing of my adventurous pup Bonnie. I planned to travel the world with her until her untimely passing. Pets often don't get to see the exotic and rich cultures our world has to offer, so why not bring that home to them through fashion and style. WLP.Co is a Travel inspired pet fashion shop.

The Natural Travelista

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Javonni McGlaurin is The Natural Travelista; a world traveler, global citizen, and award winning international educator. Javonni has traveled to over 20 countries and even served as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines. When Javonni is not globe-trotting, she works as the Chief Creative Officer of The Natural Travelista Candle Collection. This up and coming boutique candle company offers travel-inspired candles and wax melts that are passionately poured to bring wonderful memories into the home. So let's light up the world!

Sokka Alumiere

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We offer families natural fibered clothing with breathability stopping those clogged skin pores and sweaty sleepy nights. After battling a health crisis and healing the incurable thru holistic therapies, my inner lead me to share this light with the world. Instead of me returning to work fashion corporate I was inspired to do what I love sharing both holistic natural living and fashion! My first baby later and a few sleepless nights I finished Sokka & Alumiere inspired by health, travel adventures and joy created with our own textile printed fabrics.