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BLK Universe

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Charitable, LGBTQ Owned, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Made in America
BLK Universe was started by a 22 year old, Alcorn State student to encourage people to seek liberation through knowledge and community organization. Fashion and Home Decor were thought of as a way to appeal to the senses while simultaneously bringing awareness to the crippling lifestyles of racism and capitalism. BLK Universe is a call to unite, learn, and grow together in order to focus on fighting the real enemy.


Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Hair & Headwear, Haircare, Conditioner, Hair growth/repair, Other, Fashion, Accessories, Handbags, Travel, Miscellaneous
Women Owned, Handmade
Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by! Here's a little bit about what we affectionately call "The Ecoslay Way". We've grown tremendously since we formed in 2015, yet each product is still handmade in Adria's kitchen! We also ship out each order from her home - no warehouses here! This care and attention knits us closely to each product, shipment and each customer. Yes, in this "Amazon Prime" era, it might seem unusual to wait 2 weeks for your products to arrive, but you'll be glad you did! :) OUR VALUES. Reach one, teach one: No one knows everything nor do we have the time to try. We all have our passions and gain knowledge by pursuing them. Our passion is hair care. With that, it's our responsibility to share what we've learned with you so that you can increase your own knowledge base. This means that we won't simply list Sustainable Organic Red Palm oil as an ingredient in our Hot Sauce, we'll tell you why we put it in there. We won't just craft our edge brush (including it's bristles) from Bamboo. We'll tell you why we did. Let us make you a little smarter when it comes to this stuff - no need for you to reinvent the wheel! And then maybe this will free you up to spit some knowledge on us about your passions as well :) Use ingredients that are good for you: We believe that you are what you eat. We also believe that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN it. So, why should we take the time to put organic fruits and veggies in our diet while slathering our hair and scalp with ingredients that we can't pronounce? Each ingredient in our products is carefully chosen because it gets the job done AND is good for you. You don't have to worry about reading the ingredients label (although you should!) because you can trust that we have your back. Respect the environment: This home is not just ours. We only get to take in it's awe it because of those that have come before us. This means that we have a responsibility to consider those that will come after us. Let's not be arrogant. Let's not be selfish. Instead, let's be grateful and honor those that left it in decent shape for us by doing our best to keep it that way for "future us" and our kids...and our grandkids... and their grandkids. C'mon man. *stepping off soapbox* Be kind to one another: Where do we even start? We've got to lift each other up. The world can be a cruel place. We strongly believe that we've done our job when we put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. On social media, we take this most seriously. Only positive posts get our likes and too much drama will get you unfollowed with a swiftness. This also translates into taking the time to respond to as many social media posts and emails as possible and doing whatever it takes to make you happy with your Ecoslay experience. Nothing makes our day like a repeat customer or an email about our outstanding customer service. That lets us know that we're doing our job.

Root Compass Modern Nomad

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Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Veteran Owned, Women Owned, Family Owned
Root Compass… Home of the Modern Nomad Born out of a torrid love affair with travel and the talisman needed to ensure every journey is marked accordingly. Root Compass is the place to gather and distribute said talisman for the Modern Nomad in all of us. There are those of us who believe the world is inherently good. There are those of us who seek knowledge wherever it exists. There are those of us who wander because our soul would perish if we didn’t. On Root Compass, we offer the talismans that we carry during our travels, the simple yet beautiful, the complicated and divine…that is Root Compass.

Free + True Skincare

Health & Beauty, Skincare, Travel, Miscellaneous
Free Shipping, Women Owned
Nature: Our Collective Home. The place we return to feel boundless and free. The mother of all life, nature is our favorite therapist, a constant source of inspiration and a great unifier, connecting us to each other, and back to our own sense of self. Created by a team of skin experts, Free + True harnesses the planet's most potent botanicals and marries them with clean science to bring effortless and effective care to any skin environment. One simple, universal AM and PM routine frees you from time-consuming rituals, complicated formulas, and tired regimes. Your complexion will appear brighter, tighter and more hydrated so you can face the day with complete skin confidence. We got you, sister. Whether your day calls for coffee and meetings in the city, or inspires you to lace up your hiking boots and head for the hills, you have more important things to do than stand in front of the mirror. If you ask us, that time is better spent pursuing your dreams, instead.

Moneyball Sportswear

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Made in America
Initially, Moneyball Sportswear wanted to make uniforms that didn’t look like everyone else’s – not the standard. We started providing unique, 100% customizable uniform options so that teams could display their personalities on the court in unison. Uniforms that weren’t just different color schemes or different fonts, but unique to the respective teams. We were founded in 2002 by owner Desmond Ferguson, a University of Detroit-Mercy graduate and former NBA Professional Basketball Player. We like to think of ourselves as being the originators of individuality in the sports uniform market. Although we started out with a goal to dominate the team apparel industry, we have the same passion when it comes to our men’s, women’s, boy’s, and girl’s retail items. Our mottos are simple: Grow With Us… Moneyball, The Only Way To Ball. Our mission is to provide the highest possible quality sportswear at an affordable price point, where every single person that is aspiring to be an athlete on any level can feel comfortable and look good while wearing Moneyball Sportswear items.


Health & Beauty, Bath & Body, Fashion, Accessories, Handbags, other, Travel, Miscellaneous
Women Owned, Family Owned
Casauri has been creating high quality carrying cases since1999 in New York, New Jersey, and Florida, USA. We started out designing stylish laptop cases that made design history by becoming the first laptop case sold at the MoMA Design Store (Museum of Modern Art) in New York and Tokyo. Casauri customers are individuals who value bold style and well-thought out design. Casauri bags travel the world – from Iceland to Australia, from Hong Kong to Jamaica - and everywhere in between – #CarryCasauri!

Lakay Designs

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Free Shipping, Women Owned
Lakay Designs - The Largest Home Decor Manufacturer Lakay Se Lakay 'Home is Home'! Small batch manufacturing and distribution of African print designs for your home as well as everyday life. It was to this end that Lakay Designs Home Decor, a first of its kind African Decor Business, which specializes in using African Prints and Designs for homes, announced that the enterprise is in the business of home decor, with the primary intent of restoring the rich cultural heritage of African designs to homes, as well as adding the beauty of African ‘colors’ to the everyday life of Americans. When it comes to decorating ones home, there are loads of choices to opt for. Tons of global materials are finding their way into the homes of many people. But as good as these are, they are no match for the glamour and beauty that an African Home Decor radiates.