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Pop's Kernel

Food & Beverage, Savory, Other
Women Owned, Handmade
We are a black-owned and operated, Memphis based company who works to share our love of popcorn with you. We use only the best ingredients and premium kernels to enhance your snacking experience. We hope to grow our business so that we can employ High Functioning Special Needs Young Adults. Thank you for helping us fulfill that mission!? Our popcorn is made with premium ingredients, making Pop's popcorn simply irresistible! Our handmade popcorn is 100% whole grain, rich in fiber, and the highest quality. We strive to provide the ultimate popcorn experience for our customers. ? Check out a few of our flavors below and shop more of our fan favorites on the "What's Poppin" page.

Fresh Food Generation

Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea, Desserts, Savory, Other
Women Owned, Buy BLx Boston
Our Values. Our mission is to disrupt food disparities by creating a common food experience. Everyone deserves to eat well, no matter where they live. We serve the entire Greater Boston Area and are intentional about finding opportunities to make affordable, healthy food more readily available in low-income neighborhoods. Values: Food – We believe local food tastes better, has more nutrients, and helps create wealth and health in our communities. We source as much as possible from local farms including local eggs from Rhode Island and kale and collard greens from The Food Project and Urban Farming Institute. Community – We believe everyone has a role to play in changing the food system whether you are in an office downtown or at a community meeting in Roxbury. When we share food and eat together, we build connections and bring people closer together. People – Our team works incredibly hard. We show our love and passion through the food we share every day. As a business, it is our responsibility to make sure our team members are empowered to be their best. We do everything we can to ensure that the people on our team are able to take care of themselves and their families.

Cooki Bloom

Women’s, Childrens, Jewelry, Books, Other, Other, Sports & Outdoors, Condiments & Spices, Savory
Free Shipping, Veteran Owned, Women Owned
Cooki Bloom was established in 2018 with the military child in mind. The brand began with tutus and bowties in specialty military camouflage patterns. We later expanded to other options, including women's shirts and accessories. A bloom represents growth - a blossom into something new. Cooki Bloom is an expression of us, the ever-changing woman. Not apart from being a mom, a wife, a friend, and a professional, but along with every part of us - by sharing what we love to do and what we believe in. Cooki Bloom designs give light to your values, your thoughts, and the moments in life that bring you the most joy. In this shop, you?l find and experience a passion for creating. As a Veteran Owned Business, military patterns are close to the heart of Cooki Bloom and you'll discover that with our shabby chic tutus and bow ties. With these colections, the little ones connect with and honor the heroes in our lives. Our shirts are the shop jewels. They represent confident women who stand apart from the crowd.

Jungle Fruits

Food & Beverage, Desserts, Savory, Other
Charitable, Free Shipping, Ships Internationally, Family Owned, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
We are a dried fruit snack brand that doesn't mess around when it comes to food! We think nature got it right the first time. Which is why we pick the most exotic fruits dry them and leave them be just the way nature intended no sugar, no sulphates just 100% natural fruit.

Konjo Ethiopian Food

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices, Savory, Other, Miscellaneous
Women Owned
Konjo Catering began in 2008 as the first and only Ethiopian Catering company in Colorado! In 2015, The Ethiopian Food Truck launched as the first one of its kind in Colorado as well. Our restaurant, Konjo Ethiopian Food is the first fast-casual Ethiopian restaurant in Colorado and the only Ethiopian food on the west side of town. Longtime friends Fetien Gebre-Michael and Yoseph Assefa both come from Ethiopia and bring a very diverse & professional background with wonderful experiences in Colorado. Our Mission is to provide healthy, fast and delicious Ethiopian food in a clean, friendly, and convenient dining environment. We are extraordinary people delivering genuine hospitality driven by our own culture. Our goal is to make raving fans of our guests, partners, and communities by giving people the same loving, individual care that our mothers give us. Our food is cooked from the heart.

Maroon Sausage Company

Food & Beverage, Savory, Other
Maroon Sausage was created in a collision of cultures that can only happen in a place like New York City, where people from around the country, and the world, come to share in each others' cultural experiences. That being said, the jerk chicken spice blend used in our sausages came about in a very natural way—in the kitchen of a couple in Brooklyn. One of whom is originally from the Chicago area, where people eat lots of sausage, the other with roots in Jamaica, where people often use jerk. And there you have it—jerk chicken sausage. Maroon Sausage Company is an expression of flavors created in the mountains of Jamaica by the Maroon people long ago…I added their story and flavors to the sausage game. – Howard Allen, Founder and Owner

Sugah Please Coffee House

Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Women’s, Food & Beverage, Coffee & Tea, Desserts, Savory
Charitable, Luxury, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Made in America
Our Origin Story: As a child, loved ones would affectionately chase the children around the house with out stretched arms stating ”give me some Sugah”. Those fond memories often centered around coffee, tea or wonderfully perfected desserts and confectionery treats. As such, The Sugah given The Sugah received as well as, The Sugah added... is all rooted in Love! We at Sugah Please Coffee House hope to share a bit of our love, in the form of Sugah with each of you!