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O'Shun's Orchard

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Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free
O’Shun’s Orchard LLC is a social enterprise retail and development company. Current operations include a convenience store, outdoors destination project, and agricultural tech development. Their Montezuma Valley Market is one of their first steps for economic development in rural San Diego High Desert. Right before the drive down the glass elevator to Borrego Springs the store is a great road-stop for raw local honey (some of which is raised and harvested in-house by Kemi, handmade furniture, snacks, hiking camping supplies, or a place to sit for a while and enjoy a cold craft beer. The market is currently featured on History Channel UK Uncharted Mysteries. Don’t forget to take a pic with the Yeti before you leave, he’s quite the attraction. Their 120-acre sustainable agritourism development is located right next to Anza Borrego Desert State Park and is planned for a fruit orchard, freshwater aquaculture, underground beverage production, and embedded lodging accommodations. San Diego High Desert is an enchanting place full of peaceful beauty. This has become a familiar place to cyclists, thru-hikers, campers, offroaders, and desert outdoors enthusiasts, creating an experience and destination of choice for everybody. We are all about community and the environment, you get back what you put in. We offer online our highly unique desert honey. Raw, sustainably and ethically collected from our bees. And our eye brow raising merchandise. We also offer primitive camping, this helps raise funds for our projects and allows visitors to experience the privacy and tranquility of our property.

Cooki Bloom

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Free Shipping, Veteran Owned, Women Owned
Cooki Bloom was established in 2018 with the military child in mind. The brand began with tutus and bowties in specialty military camouflage patterns. We later expanded to other options, including women's shirts and accessories. A bloom represents growth - a blossom into something new. Cooki Bloom is an expression of us, the ever-changing woman. Not apart from being a mom, a wife, a friend, and a professional, but along with every part of us - by sharing what we love to do and what we believe in. Cooki Bloom designs give light to your values, your thoughts, and the moments in life that bring you the most joy. In this shop, you?l find and experience a passion for creating. As a Veteran Owned Business, military patterns are close to the heart of Cooki Bloom and you'll discover that with our shabby chic tutus and bow ties. With these colections, the little ones connect with and honor the heroes in our lives. Our shirts are the shop jewels. They represent confident women who stand apart from the crowd.

Meek Beginnings

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Women Owned, Luxury
We create 100% natural and organic products to soften, moisturize and nourish skin and hair. All creations are organic and filler free! Also try our Sweet Edibles (available seasonally)! We create 100% natural products to soften, moisturize and nourish skin and hair. All creations are organic and filler free! Also try our Sweet Edibles!


Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Tropical land tends to sprout people with vibrant cultures. The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is no exception. From Afro-Latin roots and a childhood spent hovering near his grandmother as she cooked, emerged Chef Richard Taylor a.k.a "Chef Tico Rico". His passion for food and love for all those who share in eating it shines through when making his signature hot sauces. We are Tico Rico, a Black family owned hot sauce company based in Southern California who's aim is to bring joy and delight to hot sauce lovers of all types with our flavorful signature sauces.

Heritage Fare

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices, Other
The Heritage Fare, Ltd. tag line “We take you back home” broadcasts the brand’s cultural identity and is a reminder of the Southern style cooking tradition. The Atlanta-based packager and distributor of specialty foods is positioned to compete in the exploding ethnic food segment, expanding its food line through traditional grocery retail markets and new, emerging channels of distribution throughout the United States. Heritage Fare, Ltd., an African-American and family owned company, had its beginnings in the early 1990’s when foods marketer Wendell E. Turner began to research emerging consumer purchasing habits and trends in foods. Turner discovered a gap—and an entrepreneurial opportunity. Missing were quality foods that offered good taste, convenience and ethnic appeal to African Americans. A national foodservice distributor since 1981, Turner began the formulation of his first retail product—fresh packaged greens. For his next formulation, Turner enlisted the help of his daughter, Deana Montgomery and assembled a team of family cooks, chefs, and packers to develop Heritage Fare Greens Seasoning; this effort was met with success. The company tested this flavorful seasoning in selected retail chains on Cleveland’s East Side as well as in Pittsburgh. Customer response was tremendous. Within a few months, the products were introduced in more than 100 Cleveland and Pittsburgh area retail stores. Turner also realized that to be profitable he needed to control the process of manufacturing and distribution. So Turner, this time with the addition of his daughter, Denise Turner, focused his efforts on market research, new product formulations, packaging, distribution and promotion. Through strategic product development and marketing, the company currently markets its 10 item product line under the Heritage Fare brand label.

Konjo Ethiopian Food

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Women Owned
Konjo Catering began in 2008 as the first and only Ethiopian Catering company in Colorado! In 2015, The Ethiopian Food Truck launched as the first one of its kind in Colorado as well. Our restaurant, Konjo Ethiopian Food is the first fast-casual Ethiopian restaurant in Colorado and the only Ethiopian food on the west side of town. Longtime friends Fetien Gebre-Michael and Yoseph Assefa both come from Ethiopia and bring a very diverse & professional background with wonderful experiences in Colorado. Our Mission is to provide healthy, fast and delicious Ethiopian food in a clean, friendly, and convenient dining environment. We are extraordinary people delivering genuine hospitality driven by our own culture. Our goal is to make raving fans of our guests, partners, and communities by giving people the same loving, individual care that our mothers give us. Our food is cooked from the heart.

Cook by Color

Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Unisex, Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Made in America
THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL TO YOUR TASTE BUDS, TO YOUR HEARTBEAT AND TO THE AIR YOU BREATHE. Stop living life in Black & White. Stop experiencing Life mundanely. Stop excepting the status quo. Stop at nothing to Dream In Color, Taste In Color & Cook By Color™. This is a wake up call to myself and for YOU. Don’t be afraid to love YOU unconditionally. Don’t be afraid to express YOU freely. Be brave, Be bold & Be adventurous in the way that YOU taste life. Allow your food to be FREE. Free of chemicals. Free of additives & preservatives. Free of ordinary. Love is at the core and epic-center of everything we enjoy in life and it’s infectious. So run towards it like your life depends on it… because it does! Enjoy and experience the fruits of your labor and taste sweet victory and savory discovery. Welcome to Cook By Color®. Cook By Color is a house of one-of-a-kind, gourmet seasonings, organic agaves & organic avocado oils made with 100% PURE & ALL NATURAL ingredients that allow you to cook and TASTE in color! Cook By Color supports dieting, meal-prepping, and individuals dealing with high blood pressure and diabetes. Our product is designed with NO ADDITIVES, NO GMO, NO MSG, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO SODIUM, and GLUTEN-FREE. MADE IN THE US-OF-LA.” Cook By Color’s healthy patented combination of Fruits + Vegetables + Herbs + Spices combined allows everyone to flavor their food in the most healthiest of ways.

Nerpy's Inc.

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Nerpy’s® Inc. Began making Hot Sauce in 2008 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to introduce our customer’s to great tasting, deliciously flavorful hot sauces and marinades which are tasty, hot and truly enjoyable. The Urban Dictionary defines Nerpy as: "The feeling you get when you are really tired and everything becomes funny." This is pretty close to our thoughts. However we like to think that Nerpy is just what makes you feel really good and is fun to be around! Being tired isn't a requirement. Nerpy’s is committed to producing hot sauces and marinades that truly excite the taste buds and radiate the magical flavors of all food. Nerpy’s® promises to deliver sauces and marinades with powerful flavor and succulent taste! Nerpy’s® recognizes that there is a vibrant and growing demand for great tasting, spicy food among today's diverse communities. We hope that our products will provide a wonderful healthy way of preparing tasty, home cooked style meals and some that may take even you back to Jamaica in your own Kitchen. So the next time you visit a bar, restaurant, stop in at a supermarket or grocery store, make sure you ask for Nerpy's® Sauces and let Nerpy’s® “NICE IT UP!!!”

Jeany’s Ginger Elixir

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices, Other
Women Owned
When I first moved to Austin back in 2006, I began to really miss the flavors of my birthplace, Grenada. I reminisced of my childhood summer visits with my grandma, whom we called Mama. Mama lived off her land and rarely purchased anything in the grocery store if she could make it herself. What I loved the most were her homemade baked breads and juices. I always stayed close by, observing her, so I could get the first taste. I started re-creating the recipes, from memory, and shared them with friends at our weekly potlucks. My friends loved them and told me that I should share them with even more people. After lots of encouragement and trial and error, Jeany’s Ginger Elixir was born in 2016. Today, our elixirs are made with the same love, passed down from a grandmother to her granddaughter. We hope you feel the love, in every last drop!

Soul Popped

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices, Other
Women Owned, Vegan
Hello. My name is De J. Lozada and I’m the founder of Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn. In 2016 I started my company as a single mom of 2 sons and a niece when I had just $53 left in my bank account. I used half the money to pop my first batch of popcorn which I sold out of my car. I decided to create the world’s first Soul Food popcorn flavor line because if you’re not innovating, why bother, right? From the start people loved it. And in less than 4 years, Soul Popped has grown from parking lot deals to our first retail location in the prestigious Barton Creek Square Mall in Austin, TX — all through the support of our customers. Of course I didn’t do it alone. We’ve had people who’ve seen our potential and wanted to help along the way as well as customers who’ve grown into a loyal legion of brand ambassadors we affectionately call our “Soul Poppers.” These wonderful people passionately evangelize our product to their family and friends across the U.S, and around the world! Today Soul Popped is still a brand on the rise and one to watch in the better-for-you snackfood category. Thank you for choosing the company where everyday #lovepopshere.