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Proper Gnar

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Proper Gnar is a woman owned skateboarding, and streetwear brand. I'm an artist, and I set out to create hand drawn designs and bold statement pieces that aren't just things to wear or ride on, they're works of my art. Also, very few women skateboarders get the sponsors, attention, and support they deserve. I want to change that. I sponsor a small, but growing all girls skate team and hold skate contests and meet ups.


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Lukafit is an empowering activewear brand designed with our curves in mind. Our mission is to celebrate and support women of color along our health and wellness journeys. As an ode to my South African heritage, the name Lukafit is partially derived from the Zulu word juluka, which means to sweat. Sweating releases “feel good” endorphins, detoxifies your body, and gives you a healthy glow, so we encourage folks to sweat a lot.


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I founded AIREYYS as I noticed there were a lot of misconceptions of men with beards. I wanted to bridge the gap and promote the well groomed bearded gentlemen, instead of the old taboo of beards being scruffy. I took this focus into my design concept "The Dark Horse" – our top selling range of beard oils – which became my approach and slogan for AIREYYS limited branding.