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What is Glamourina? Glamourina is the go-to activewear brand for culturally conscious women. We exist to motivate women of color to live healthy, active lifestyles by providing cultural athletic apparel. Behind the Brand With an understanding that healthy lifestyles have a great importance in our psychological and physical wellness, working mothers Kia Phillips and Nekol Gaskins realized a void in the athleisure apparel market for socially conscious women. “There were few images of women that looked like us in the market, and there were few designs that represented our culture and heritage.” So, in the spirit of creation these Queens decided to embark on a journey birthing their own inspirational athleisure brand Glamourina. Unlike many other fitness brands Glamourina offers a wide size range that include sizes from xsmall to 3xlarge. “Our mission is to service an underrepresented market of diverse women of all shapes, sizes, and hues. We want to rewrite the health and fitness narrative to include women who look like us. Women come in all different shades, shapes, colors, and countries. It is time to start seeing these images reflected in the brands that we buy, wear, and support.”

Natural Fit Designs

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After spending years in the fitness world and being frustrated over the lack of workout wear geared toward African American women that both looks good and holds up through a long, hard workout, I found a solution. I created Natural & Fit Designs. My Natural & Fit Designs collections are made from materials that can handle the sweat from an intense workout session, yet leave you looking great throughout your exercises. And each time you catch your reflection in the mirror in them or reflect back on the progress selfies you snapped in them, you are motivated and inspired by the expressions printed on your shirt. Each was created to reflect my feelings about the black woman, natural hair, working out, running, and current events. And each shares a little personality about the person wearing the item. From collections such as "Faithfully Fit," Natural Fitness Chick," “Race Mantras’, and “First Family 44," I've developed expressive items to fit and motivate active African American women.

TONED by BaggedEm

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Toned by BaggedEm is a fitness-focused brand created by real women on real fitness journeys FOR real women on real fitness journeys. Our own experiences maintaining our health and physique has lent us first hand experience on how hard it is to remain encouraged and motivated to stay in shape. We would often come to one another and express our challenges getting and staying in shape. Even when we'd open up these conversations to other women, a lot of them felt the same about their fitness journeys. We realized that we are among a group of women that make up a large part of the fitness community, but still feel ignored and misunderstood. That is why we created Toned by BaggedEm. We identify with a plethora of issues that often impede a woman's fitness motivation like body image issues, hair maintenance and sometimes just plain ol' lack of energy. Our ultimate goal is to create a brand that tells women that we are most beautiful when we push ourselves, you don't have to be perfect to start and most importantly, it's OK to sweat. Our first product, Toned Yoga Mats, feature images (originally drawn by our MOTHER) that are meant to instill a confidence and drive in women to push through these obstacles. The mats show women with curly hair, head scarves and real body shapes. We have seen the reaction of women that have come in contact with our mats, and the way they light up is extraordinary. In fact, our Kickstarter raised over $2000 in less than two months! Our ultimate goal is that women will see themselves in the products we create and recognize our brand was created with them in mind. We believe (and we hope you do too) that it is time for our fitness

The Afro Gypsy

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I am Renei. I am a mother, sister, daughter, ex-wife, friend and human. I live to be different and make a difference in the ways I choose to. I prefer to NOT follow the norm. I started my company out of a need to care for my 2 daughters. I had to develop a line where my individual flair could shine and did not keep me away from my family too long. Over the past 4 years my line has changed to be more about owning your beauty, fierceness and power. What sets me apart? What makes a difference between me and the next person...? I'm not a trend. YOU ARE NOT A TREND. My items are hand made and unique. I use new and upcycled leather, fabric and wood to make my jewelry, accessories and home goods. My items are made by me for you. My art is for that part of our personality, that spirit filled excitement about love and possibilities. Freedom of thought, pursuit of happiness and goals. That excitement for bohemian like wanderlust for the world. For some, this means live out loud and for others... tends to stay "hidden". My goal: help you be OK to live in your skin and be bold enough to flaunt YOU...the BOLD, EXTRAORDINARY YOU you are. If you're gonna be, BE Bohemian with an AFRO-tude!


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#LegDay is gear fit for a day at the gym or a day on the go. One part comfort, one part fashion. We are a brand built for the mobile lifestyle of today. High quality athleisure. A lifestyle brand.

Blessed Hands Designs

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Blessed Hands Designs was created out of the love of making unique sports and chakra healing crystals jewelry. Not having an idea of how many diehard sports fans their truly were and especially women. I started in 2016 and it has been a journey but one I have enjoyed. When you find what your niche in life is you will go to the ends of tiredness to bring your vision into fruition. My jewelry is handmade by me and therefore that pretty much makes each piece unique in its own right and one of a kind. If you are a diehard sports fan or into your inner Chakra energies as I am you will definitely enjoy visiting my store.

Anomaly SCF

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My name is Jye Citizen, a college student-athlete that saw a missing element in our community. Anomaly SCF is a lifestyle brand that inspires creativity and individuality, through multiple mediums. This is clothing, podcasts, blogs, and other forms art. With every purchase, 10% goes toward a project to help underfunded schools. We, at Anomaly, aim to inspire the youth to tap into their creative minds, pave their own lanes, and be an Anomaly.

I wear African

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I Wear African is a campaign initiative created to promote and celebrate the contemporary African lifestyle by bringing the best quality Afrocentric brands to our fans.

familiar...yet different

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familiar...yet different is a Black Woman Owned brand offering affordable Athleisure Apparel & Sneakers to Women Petite to Plus Size XS-6XL. Made in the USA. To Reduce Waste, pieces are not produced until an order is placed. A percentage of net sale proceeds are donated to the ACLU & ASPCA. Initially launched due to my own frustration of trying to buy a pair of Yoga Pants. I couldn't find anything that was cute & well-made for under $100! I thought that was ridiculous, so I made my own. And now I share them with you, my fellow budget-minded fashionistas.

Harlem Run

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Founded in November 2013, Harlem Run is a collective of runners passionate about running and community. Strong, positive and diverse, we all call Harlem home. We welcome runners, walkers and joggers of all sizes, ages and abilities as we run the streets of our iconic neighborhood and get fit together. We start on time and end together with a stretch. Membership is FREE! We look forward to having you with us.