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Ava’s Pet Palace

Women Owned, Youth Involved, Natural, Ships Internationally
Ava Dorsey, founder of Ava’s Pet Palace, is a 13-year-old kidpreneur. She started this company because she recognized the need for healthy pet treats made with quality and tasty ingredients. As a dog and a cat owner herself, Ava believes that every pet owner should have the option to buy organic and natural pet food that prioritizes the health and wellness of their four-legged friends. Ava’s mission is to educate pet owners about pet treats and help them explore options that simultaneously promote animal health and taste-bud satisfaction. She sees the value of growing her brand in an era where people are more health conscious. “People are concerned about what they feed their family members,” she said, “and this includes their pets.” Ava was recently awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the WDB Marketing Legacy Awards. She takes this honor very seriously and was thrilled to have won. Ava’s long-term “treat goals” include creating freeze-dried dog treats and adding to her variety of cat treats.

Sir Dogwood

Women Owned
You know it, we know it, it’s an established fact at this point. At our core, we believe your best pal deserves the best of everything. And that’s where we come in. Based in Chicago, Sir Dogwood was founded in 2016 as an inclusive community for swank pups and their sartorially-minded owners. Sir Dogwood features a highly curated selection of quality dog wear and accessories from the freshest and most innovative designers in the US and abroad. We only carry chic, modern styles. From the tiniest teacup to the largest lab, we offer ready-to-wear clothing for dogs up to 130 lbs. We also partner directly with emerging makers to create limited edition items available exclusively from Sir Dogwood. It’s time to spoil your pup rotten. We can help with that.

Planning 2 Craft

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Women Owned, Handmade
Planning to Craft: Junk Journal and Craft Supplies. Thank you for visiting my shop. Nothing brings me greater joy than playing with my craft supplies to make something new. Crafting is so versatile that even after over 30 years of doing it, I still learn something new on a regular basis. My love for paper started when I was very young. I would keep journals on various subjects and would often fill them up quickly. When I was in Middle School, I decided that I could make my own journals. My handmade journals are my passion projects. I take my time to make them look and feel like something I want to purchase myself. It is often hard to let them go but I always ship on time! I am always willing to communicate, so please feel free to reach out with any questions, suggestions or requests. Over the years, I have fallen in love all over again with everything planning and journal related and many other crafts. My main passion is creating beautiful keepsake journals of many types and creating handcrafted tea blends and bath soaks I visit thrift stores often to collect beautiful vintage books and images that would be excellent for journal making, I scour the world for unique supplies to include in my junk journal kits and I have found some beautiful items that I cannot wait to share with you.


Women Owned, Free Shipping, Charitable
Just a science nerd trying to make her dogs be science nerds too. Why start SciPaws? Science has always been a huge part of my life and I wanted to share my love of science with people. Your pet can be fashionable, while wearing accessories scientifically proven to be adorably nerdy. I've always wanted to get my pup science related gear, but there just isn't much out there in that specific department - so why not start my own shop centered around it? I'm very big on giving back to the community as well - I just don't have a lot of free time to volunteer since I'm a full time graduate student. Since I knew I wanted to start a science themed pet accessories shop I figured, why not also use this shop as a way to give back? So, there are 3 different bandana prints listed in my shop called, Phosphorous, Iodine and Tin. These are strictly add-on bandanas meaning you have to buy a regular priced bandana in order to add at least one of these bandanas in your order. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Dane County Humane Society located here in Madison, Wisconsin. Since I opened back in October 2019, I've had the opportunity to expand and support foundations that I truly care about. Through my Polar Collection I've been able to donate to the Ocean Conservancy to help mitigate destruction of one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Arctic! Someday I hope to visit before all the ice has melted. I also donated to WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue to aid the effort to care for all of the animals affected by the tremendous wild fires that raged through Australia. I'm just a science nerd, who's trying to make her dogs be science nerds too!