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Atelier New Regime

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Atelier New Regime is a streetwear label created and headquartered in Montreal. In 2009, it began as a passion project and outlet for self-expression. With a hustler’s spirit at its core, the team designed in a bedroom, stocked t-shirts in a basement and sold them out of their trunks. The love for art, design, photography, and street culture turned three dreamers into a collective of creatives who challenge themselves to offer design-conscious pieces and innovative experiences. Recognized for its refined aesthetic and striking use of the colour orange, ANR prides itself in representing creativity, freedom and passion. Over the years, the label has become a vessel for the collective to explore freedom through art, which has become an underlying theme of the brand’s narrative. Through multidisciplinary design, Atelier New Regime aims to inspire people to reach their full potential by creatively pushing their limits, to change their world and the world around them.


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Women Owned
BoiHér is a vision for the change of social pressures and everyday “normalities” placed on societies views, and perceptions. To be in the same space as another human, and not have the label of being different. I chose to step outside of the social norms of what it means to be a woman. I simply live in my truth, and the truth is I prefer to shop in the men’s section. I prefer loose fitting fashion, I choose to not “fit the norm”. This is what BoiHér represents. The name is a play on my identity, though I identify as a woman, I’m more masculine presenting. BoiHér is just that, a combination of boy and girl. Here, BoiHér was born. I believe that our moods are what defines our style and creative expressions, our moods can be the sum of our visual projection. BoiHér is a brand that prides itself on inclusivity, and diversity, for all identities to shop freely without the labels society has created. BoiHér is the new normal, and gender roles have no place in fashion! One should be able to live freely in their self identities without judgment! BoiHér is all of us.


Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Home & Garden, Decor, Fashion, Clothing, Women’s, Other, Accessories, Handbags, Belts, Scarves
Women Owned, Free Shipping, Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Ships Internationally
OliOeco was founded in 1986 with a commitment to design and the environment and a mission to create sustainable yet wearable long lasting garments. Buy Quality, Less Quantity. OliOeco is 100 percent made in Canada. We use a range of organic, natural, reclaimed and reworked fabrics. Buttons are handmade, vintage, and recycled leather and natural materials. Ends of fabrics, off cuts and all production ends are used in our small accessories and patchwork creations. Zero waste is a continuous goal and it is truly satisfying to not fill the garbage bin at the end of a production run. OliO |medley or small collection| in keeping with our name, produces small collections each season that create dialogues with the wearer.We create without timeline pressure and the garments can be worn much longer than traditional fashion would dictate. Built on a groundwork of endurance and integrity both through garment production and in conjunction with our customer's continued satisfaction, OliOeco has a continuous mission to create sustainable products with minimal environmental impact.

Sow Cole Creations

Home & Garden, Decor, Other, Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry, Scarves, other, Lifestyle
Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade
Based out of Northern Virginia, Sow Cole Creations provides high-quality handcrafted leather accessories. Sow Cole Creations was birthed out of a love of visual arts, color, creativity and the desire to share those loves with others. We’ve curated a new and fresh way to creatively manipulate leather to design fun, bold, unique leather accessories, fusing function and flair. Whether in jeans, business wear or a night out, Sow Cole Creations’ clients love the versatility of the pieces joined with the added confidence and encouragement while styling in the accessories. Each piece is curated with them (and you) in mind - classy, classic with a bit of flair.

See Phillips

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LGBTQ Owned, Ships Internationally, Women Owned, Handmade, Natural
See Phillips is an Austin based creative studio and lifestyle brand founded in 2018 by multidisciplinary artist Coelina Edwards. See Phillips explores human connection, the use of industry by-products, and wellness. See Phillips is dedicated to collaborating with local artisans to sustain the creative community.