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Larry V. Wynn Jr

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My Name is Larry Wynn from Mattapan, Ma. I am a elementary school art educator, teaching grades K-5 in Cambridge Public Schools. When teaching, I try to push the love of art to all my students, and give them the tools to change the world through creating. I have always loved art, and found it to be one of my passions. All of my pieces are directly connected to my emotions, and my inner self. I find that my inspiration comes from people around me. I really try to capture their beauty and their emotions. I also pull inspiration from the various environments I'm apart of near and far. I try to recreate the feeling of being there, and show that through various layer techniques. Thank you for viewing my page. Please Contact me to give thoughts, ideas, and inspirations.

Transit Creations

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Family Owned, Made in America, Handmade, Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
I am an Actor/Writer who spends a lot of time auditioning, on sets, and in transit. I say positive affirmations when I'm getting ready to perform or work, to center, ground and focus me . I started making origami stars as a way to keep my hands busy and as a sort of meditative practice. I combined my use of affirmations with the origami and that's how the Guiding Stars™ came about. Guiding Stars™ can be used as an uplifting daily surprise. My company is unique because although I have seen other people making these, no one has created a business to share them with the world.

Planning 2 Craft

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Planning to Craft: Junk Journal and Craft Supplies. Thank you for visiting my shop. Nothing brings me greater joy than playing with my craft supplies to make something new. Crafting is so versatile that even after over 30 years of doing it, I still learn something new on a regular basis. My love for paper started when I was very young. I would keep journals on various subjects and would often fill them up quickly. When I was in Middle School, I decided that I could make my own journals. My handmade journals are my passion projects. I take my time to make them look and feel like something I want to purchase myself. It is often hard to let them go but I always ship on time! I am always willing to communicate, so please feel free to reach out with any questions, suggestions or requests. Over the years, I have fallen in love all over again with everything planning and journal related and many other crafts. My main passion is creating beautiful keepsake journals of many types and creating handcrafted tea blends and bath soaks I visit thrift stores often to collect beautiful vintage books and images that would be excellent for journal making, I scour the world for unique supplies to include in my junk journal kits and I have found some beautiful items that I cannot wait to share with you.

Carolyn Yancey Designs

Home & Garden, Decor, Other, Holidays
Women Owned
Creating beautiful door/home décor for you and yours! Welcome to Carolyn Yancey Designs, I'm so happy you stopped by. I am a stay at home mom to 3 little boys, and a Husky and kitty. I'm also married to my best friend and business partner. I craft to supplement our income and it's also my outlet. I do not have a set style of design, I draw inspiration all avenues. I don't think l have 2 wreaths that are the same. I do custom orders so feel free to send me a message. Please check out and join my Facebook or Instagram (Carolyn Yancey Designs) pages to see latest designs. I'm just a Jamaican girl trying to attain the American dream! Once again thank you for stopping by, and thank you for supporting my small business!

Uwakstar Designs

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Women Owned
Uwakstar Designs opened in 2018 and is owned and operated in Austin, TX. The company was born out of a desire to create colorful and inspiring fashion that was not available locally. We source our fabrics from all over the world, but our design inspiration comes from looking at the vibrant colors of African print fabrics (Ankara wax print). Our goods are designed for the sophisticated woman that is seeking dynamic, handmade pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. We specialize in crafting leather and fabric handbags and accessories, while also offering the direct purchase of our multicolored fabrics for those wishing to create their own pieces. Many people tell their stories through their words and actions. We want to help you tell your story at first glance through our fashion forward pieces. New items are regularly added to our inventory, so for the most up to date information make sure to follow us on social media!

SoleMate Sox

Children, Fashion, Clothing, Basics, Holidays
Women Owned, Free Shipping, Eco-friendly
If you wear socks, you've likely lost a pair or two or a bunch in the Hozone- the place where one sock disappears to. Scientists in Europe created a mathematical equation to explain the missing sock phenomenon but one fact remains, everyone understands the frustration of single socks. Can we get a Amen to that?! Based in Austin, Texas, our female founder is a hard-working single mother of three who one day had a 'I've had it'- WTF moment in the laundry room wondering why socks keep going missing. She searched online, retails stores, and pretty much everywhere she could think of looking for some kind of gadget that would keep socks together. Her search turned up nothing, so she decided, like all the great female founders before her, she would take matters into her own hands and become the Sock Superwoman that would save all the single socks from disappearance. It took her nearly 18 months, dozens of experiments, failed attempts, meetings with scientists, lab sessions, manufacture visits, thread testing, interviews with sock lovers, focus groups, and dozens more loads of laundry to make sure her invention worked. SoleMate Sox is now the world's first patent-pending magnetic socks invention that stay together on laundry day! Each pair is designed+knitted with love from BAMBOO which makes each pair super soft, moisture-wicking, anti-fungal + anti-microbial, with an extra cushion footbed, arch support + reinforced heel + toe. We are all about love, joyful, bright happy prints, patterns, and design. If you're looking for boring black or white socks, there's nothing wrong with that but life is too short for the boring and you certainly won't find boring in our store. We suggest you remix your sock game and add some flava! We are PROUDLY black-owned and made in America. Every Sock Has A SoleMate.

Fari Hara Masks

Holidays, Miscellaneous
Fari Hara is a custom menswear company founded on the belief that every man should care about his appearance and as such, we focus on creating high-quality garments that promote confidence in all walks of life. To cater to the buying habits of most men, the ones who prefer not to rummage through malls for cookie-cutter fits and styles, we provide a very personal experience to our clients where they are given full attention and expert style advice in curating garments that meet their needs – whether business, events, weddings or leisure. When you think about Fari Hara, we want you to think about two things: confidence and convenience. Fari Hara was born from a mutual love of fashion and a shared belief that men should be empowered by the outfits they wear. A hybrid of the African Safari and Sahara, it represents both Hakeem and Richard’s heritage and the journey both men have embarked on to enlighten their clients to the endless possibilities of custom menswear.