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Bustle Clothing

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Bustle Clothing, founded in 2002 by Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow – both Bay street lawyers, is a leading Canadian sportswear label that has become well known for its cheeky twist on the menswear classics. With pieces ranging from swimsuits to Red-Carpet suits, Bustle offers a full range of menswear - all with a strong focus on fit, unique and luxurious fabrics, attention to details, and of course, signature cheekiness. Bustle is involved in a number of varied design collaborations, with partners ranging from the worlds of automotive to fine furniture and interiors. Bustle’s design partners include such brands as Audi, Vespa, Thompson Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Freed Developments, Muskoka Bay Golf Club, the City of Las Vegas, Source UK Carpets, Andrew Richard Designs, Tretorn and Great Gulf Homes. Bustle’s designers have appeared as style experts in numerous publications, and on numerous Canadian and International television productions, including Creative Director Shawn Hewson’s residency on Celebrity Style Story, and his tenure as the full-time Designer Judge on the television series Project Runway Canada, hosted by international supermodel and style icon, Iman.

The Diana Tracy Collection

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Who Are We? Our brand, The Diana Tracy Collection was created out of a desire to offer affordable, trendy and often times Avant Garde jewelry for men and women. Our jewelry compliments everyone's fashion closet and cultivates a unique style statement every time one of our pieces is worn. We offer a wide array of accessories from statement necklaces, rings and bracelets to our more timeless line of the same in a variety of jewelry collections every season. We are a lifestyle of rich elegance, unapologetic style and trend setting opulence. When you have a dream the difference between making that dream a reality is whether or not you choose to act on it! We believe in the power of dreams and beautiful jewelry and style.

Gregory Allen Company

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From the age of 16, Gregory Allen was a visionary. His innate gifts and genuine interest in fashion have cultivated the Gregory Allen brand we now know. Established in 2003, the Gregory Allen luxury brand seamlessly marries quality and creativity. Gregory’s unique milestones have shaped his voice as a designer and entrepreneur. Redefining expectations in Toronto’s unapologetic fashion scene, his versatility and engaging presence has garnered creative collaborations with M.A.C. Cosmetics, Toronto International Film Festival – Made in Canada Lounge sponsored by CBC, Azure (Design and Architecture) Magazine and Canadian Living Magazine just to name a few. Gregory’s diverse audience has allowed him to experiment willfully and challenge ideals with every project he takes on. Having the likes of George Stroumboulopoulos, Alfred Sung, Pharrell Williams and TELUS appreciate his craft have been rewarding experiences.


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Kwesiya is a ready-to-wear and accessories brand based in Canada. The label specializes in Wax textiles, vibrant fabrics characteristic of West Africa. Our primary mission is to captivate audiences from all cultures, while promoting the use of African fabrics. From business attire, fresh and casual outfits to special event wear; we create pieces that can be worn for any occasion. Kwesiya [kwé-si-ya] which means “Mix It” in a Cameroonian dialect, defines the label and it essence of inclusion. Fanny Ngantcheu is the founder and creative director of Kwesiya. She dug deep into her culture and crafted a story that formed the basis her collections: mixture. Through her designs, she wants to bring uniqueness to your wardrobe. Kwesiya has been showcasing its collections on the runways of the African Fashion Week in Toronto since 2013, won the 2017 Accessory Designer of the Year Award at the African Fashion Industry award, and the 2018 Female Innovation Award .

Legin Knits

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LEGIN KNITS clothing and apparel is a way of life. Where you live and embrace your own truth. Where you are empowered to be yourself, to be Royal. Some see ART, some see FASHION. Founder and Owner Nigel “Legin” John sees a continuous thread that he can create into anything he desires, without limitations. A thread that binds humanity. At LEGIN KNITS the Red, Gold and Green color palette, which can be found detailed on all of our products, signifies Roots, Culture and Diversity. We all share common ROOTS, a common birthplace, a single point of origin- EARTH. This is how our collective story begins. The LEGIN KNITS brand and legacy is rooted in the teachings of this blessed craft by a Rastafarian and we thank him for his gift to us and honour him with these colors. Once we first respect where we come from, we can truly value where we are going.

MAS Montreal

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MAS was born from a desire to diversify the fashion industry. Big brands constantly promote the same message: we have to change ourselves to fit into some unattainable perfection standard. At MAS, we think otherwise. We firmly believe we’re all beautiful just as we are. That is the message we want to spread within our community. We believe that feeling good in your body starts with well adjusted clothes. Each and every body is unique and we are always working to develop designs that serve and highlight those unique features. Fabric is chosen with the same intention. We only use fabric that allows our gorgeous clients to feel comfortable throughout their busy day. All MAS products are proudly made in Montreal. Where did it start ? I (Mckenna) came up with MAS to answer a personal need. I’ve always been passionate about fashion, loved shopping and adding new pieces to my wardrobe. Alongside my love for clothes, I’ve always had a strong need to stay active, push and challenge myself through cheerleading, my first love, or through CrossFit, my current practice. Only in 2016 I came to realize that fashion and sports contradict each other, more often than not. On one side, we’re being presented with very strict beauty standards and trends, and on the other, we’re being told how important it is to be and feel healthy in our body. As I was feeling stronger, healthier and more confident in my own skin, I was struggling to find clothes that fit my shape. I came to this conclusion: the women's clothing industry has very little to offer to “atypical” bodies. Why MAS? MAS means more in Spanish. I’ve always been motivated by a strong desire to offer more to my clients; more choice product wise and more attention in customer service. When I finally launched the project, I was looking for a short and simple name. That’s when I thought of an interesting translation of the word more. Our values. First of all, inclusivity. We thrive to offer you pieces of clothing that fit a vast variety of silhouettes. We want anyone that wears MAS to be comfortable enough to do whatever they need and want that day. It’s so important to us to dress you as you are and to never make you feel like you have to change your shape to wear our clothes. Secondly, the conscious aspect. From the very beginning, it was essential to us that everything was locally made, to always make sure that anyone working on the collection has good conditions. Furthermore, our collections are based on what we call deadstock fabric. This refers to “leftovers” from the fabric stock clothing companies order. Once their production is done, they have meters of fabric left and it happens (more and more often, I dare say!) that instead of throwing it away, they sell it to smaller brands. It’s a way of giving a second life to perfectly good material that would otherwise end up in the trash. We also give whatever’s left of our fabric to other small local businesses, which helps us move in a zero-waste direction. We are always aspiring to a more human and eco-conscious way of work.

MichNat Fashion House

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My name is Funmi, I am the Creative Director of MichNat Fashion House based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. The desire to fully pursue my passion in fashion was largely influenced by the need to fulfil my dreams and purpose in life and fill the existing gap for the demand for Afro-designs mixed with western flair within the city/Province. I started creating styles when I was 10 yrs old and have since taken up the passion to make it a profession. As a Chartered Accountant with over 13 years financial institution experience, I left the white-collar job for a life-long desire that gives me inner satisfaction. I design trendy, versatile and vibrant fashion with a touch of Afro-flair for all special occasions. Customized and tailored to make you feel unique and confident! Michnat Fashion Brand leaves customers feeling excited, satisfied, and confident.


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OliOeco was founded in 1986 with a commitment to design and the environment and a mission to create sustainable yet wearable long lasting garments. Buy Quality, Less Quantity. OliOeco is 100 percent made in Canada. We use a range of organic, natural, reclaimed and reworked fabrics. Buttons are handmade, vintage, and recycled leather and natural materials. Ends of fabrics, off cuts and all production ends are used in our small accessories and patchwork creations. Zero waste is a continuous goal and it is truly satisfying to not fill the garbage bin at the end of a production run. OliO |medley or small collection| in keeping with our name, produces small collections each season that create dialogues with the wearer.We create without timeline pressure and the garments can be worn much longer than traditional fashion would dictate. Built on a groundwork of endurance and integrity both through garment production and in conjunction with our customer's continued satisfaction, OliOeco has a continuous mission to create sustainable products with minimal environmental impact.

Bare Your Hair

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Bare Your Hair started out of desperation of being bald ! I noticed my first bald spot on my wedding day, and a friend of mine colored it in with an eye liner pencil. I was SO embarrassed and I couldn’t enjoy my day because I was worried that someone would notice my bald spot. That was December 30 and by June 29 all of my hair was completely gone! I would go into Corporate America daily with my bald spots colored in to avoid having to answer questions about the patches of hair missing. My first summer bald I completely embraced my bald head and decided to be confident in every aspect of myself! My focus has always been that if my scalp was healthy I would have healthy hair. Bare Your Hairs foundation is built on this concept. HEALTHY HAIR = HEALTHY SCALP Today, I am thankful to have hair however, I do not take my responsibility lightly to help others with Alopeica, thinning hair and bald spots to grow their hair back and to have the confidence to rock whatever style they choose, from Corporate America to a night out.

See Phillips

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See Phillips is an Austin based creative studio and lifestyle brand founded in 2018 by multidisciplinary artist Coelina Edwards. See Phillips explores human connection, the use of industry by-products, and wellness. See Phillips is dedicated to collaborating with local artisans to sustain the creative community.