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Women Owned, Made in America
selam, and thank you for stopping by. deseta, which means “happiness” in amharic, is design and style inspired by traditional ethiopian art and culture, but with a fun and updated twist. it is no coincidence that the aesthetic found here reflects my cultural makeup: an ethiopian by birth who was raised in the midwest, and now calls brooklyn home. when i launched this site in nov 2012, i had wanted a place to showcase my mixed media and ceramic pieces, two of the art mediums i was exploring at that time. true to my cultural background, both artforms expressed my take on the traditional motifs and patterns found in ethiopian art. the mixed media pieces recreated the traditional angel motif by merging my love for fabrics (thanks to my life as a textile designer & product developer by trade) with painting. the ceramic pieces were hand painted with designs inspired by the beautiful and inticate patterns found in orthodox crosses. but soon after the site launch, instead of showcasing more of these pieces, i found myself building the “deseta brand” – a brand that is ethiopian inspired with a commercial, universal appeal for casual, everyday items. currently, my focus is on designing stationery with a stylish ethiopian design twist, which will also include wedding invitations coming this winter. but i still have love for my mixed media angels! currently, those pieces are made on a custom-order basis. if you are interested in having a piece commissioned, please feel free to contact me and we can start a conversation. please do come back and visit again. drop me a line if you have any inquiries or comments – i would love to hear from you. and please sign up for my occasional email newletters in the form below and follow me on my facebook and instagram pages for updates on new designs and last minute deals. thank you, maro haile

Azetta Design Studio

Home & Garden, Other, Office, Paper & Stationery, Greeting Cards, Wedding
Women Owned
Welcome! Azetta Design Studio is boutique stationery design studio specializing in custom designs to support your wedding planning experience and enhance your wedding day. There is a lot of stress a wedding can bring as you plan your special day despite your busy schedule. The best news is that you are in the right place if you are struggling to find time and are overwhelmed by the design and print decisions you must make. Azetta Design Studio is always finding new, innovative ways to mix stellar graphic design with impeccable paper crafting skills to help you as a blushing bride-to-be create your custom wedding stationery that matches your unique style and vision. Added to the mission of creating the best stationery solutions for clients, Azetta Design Studio carries the deeply rooted passion of celebrating all you beautiful black brides, and fellow women of colour who feel abated or undervalued in an industry that only showcases marketing material such as wedding magazine covers that do not include diversity. The true mission is to inspire and ignite positive change.

Sacred Frangine

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Women Owned, Free Shipping
Sacrée Frangine is a creative duo of artistic directors and illustrators composed of Célia Amroune and Aline Kpade. First of all childhood friends, it’s around a mint tea that they decide in 2016 to unite their love of graphics and colors around common projects. The work of the Frangines is inspired by portraits, still lifes and feminine themes that explore the beauty of simple things and everyday life. They express themselves through minimalist compositions that focus on the harmony of shapes and colors, playing with large colored areas. Mixing figuration and abstraction, they share a light and aesthetic universe that revolves around positive values in which everyone can meet.


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Women Owned
Hi and welcome to Colourshot, which uses lovely, colourful African fabric in everyday contemporary ways. Everything is handmade in the UK by myself, Tanya. Colourshot started as a way to indulge my love of making clothes and buying fabric. By running a business, I could enjoy guilt free fabric shopping, and let loose on my creative side. Along the way, I added a jewellery business where I used purchased beads to design jewellery. But the real breakthrough came when I decided to make cards using African fabric. (Which is why my Instagram is called Colourshotcards!) Having started out making cards, I then added jewellery, this time completely handmade, using fabric and wood. Then mugs and coasters, which were and still are a major hit. Ideas kept on flowing (thank you God), and over the past 4 years, Colourshot in its current form has steadily developed into a lovely little card and gift shop, providing contemporary and useful gifts for all those who love a touch of African fabric. The clothes and generic jewellery business have had to be retired, to allow me to maintain my focus on cards and gifts

Life's Paper

Office, Paper & Stationery, Greeting Cards, Stationary, Notebooks, Other, Miscellaneous
Women Owned
S. Ayesha Wright is the owner and operator of Life's Paper. Ayesha's inspiration to create culturally designed stationery stems from growing up and working in her family's business, A Nubian Notion, Inc., in Roxbury, MA, which sold greeting cards from Black owned wholesalers and foreign and domestic afrocentric gifts. Ayesha holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Writing from Northeastern University and a Master of Arts Teaching English as a Second Language degree from Simmons University. She is currently a Boston Public School educator, teaching English as a Second Language. Ayesha currently resides in the Lower Roxbury area of Boston with her daughter Nia and their cat Macho.