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M+H Cake

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Hi you! My name is Abigail, a cake loving lady in London and the founder of M+H Cake Company. I haven't always been making cakes, but I have been eating them for as long as I can remember! Honestly, a large majority of my childhood photos are taken with cake or me with a chocolate bar within my hands! I haven't always been in the world of cakes. After I finished secondary school, I decided not to follow the traditional ‘university’ route. I loved making cakes and wanted to turn my love into something to share publicly with others. I am passionate about creating cakes that not only look beautiful but also taste divine. There was no one else like me in this field and I wanted to start something to fill that gap. At 19, it took one person to trust me with their wedding cake a couple years back and I fell in love with making wedding cakes, and I haven't stopped baking ever since! I provide beautifully looking and tasting cakes adorned with flowers from birthdays to weddings, I have you covered.

Lee Lee's Rugelach

Food & Beverage, Desserts, Other
Handmade, Natural, Made in America
SMALLS DIDN’T BECOME A LOCAL LEGEND FOR NOTHING. HE HANDMAKES THE FAMOUS RUGELACH USING ONLY THE FINEST INGREDIENTS. Lee Lee embraces the Jewish heritage of his famous creation. He doesn’t just share this delicious secret with the neighbors – the rugelach is soon to be available for delivery locally in NYC, as well as shipping nationwide. The popularity of Lee Lee’s rugelach has led to a standalone brand, which features not only the titular baked good, but also locally-roasted Harlem Blend Coffee® and Rugelach by a Brother Ice Cream® (vanilla ice cream made with farm-fresh milk, featuring chunks of authentic Lee Lee’s rugelach).

Stygian Corp

Food & Beverage
Although based in California, Stygian Black Bourbon will be purely made in rural Kentucky with a very unique distilling process that can make a smooth, rich two-year-old bourbon taste like it’s five-years-old all within a matter of days. It’s the reason why Stygian ran out of bourbon during our debut at Oakland’s legendary “Art N’ Soul” festival last summer because word of mouth led to long lines and numerous repeat customers. Or where a tasting at a nightclub helps a local startup creating virtual reality classrooms for minority students receive its funding and then some. It’s the reason why our catchphrase, “Not your Daddy’s bourbon,” is resonating with millennial and middle-aged drinkers alike. It’s the reason why Stygian is adventurous enough to travel more than 3,000 miles away scouring through scores of tobacco clones to create the finest premium cigars from Nicaragua. No middlemen, no brokers. Truly direct from the source. It’s the reason why a stash of cigars handed out during a summer beach bonfire among potential customers created an aroma that is unmistakable. It’s the reason why you can have both Stygian Black Bourbon and Cigars while wearing either wingtip shoes, 8-inch heels or flip-flop sandals. It’s the reason why Stygian dares to “Be Bold!”

Metier Brewing

Food & Beverage
Metier means “one’s calling,” and at Metier Brewing Company our calling is brewing damn good beer and building stronger community to inspire bigger dreams for all. Metier Brewing Company is a family and bike-friendly destination in the heart of Woodinville, featuring distinctive award-winning beers, local cider, and our own in-house nitro brewed coffee. MBC is all about building community and offering a welcoming gathering space for families, friends, and those who appreciate well-crafted beer. Our spacious beer hall, cozy taproom, and ample parking spaces make for a great event location!

The Salty Heifer

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Women Owned
The Salty Heifer Story When people ask how The Salty Heifer came to be, the answer used to involve words like: “Years of Dedication” “A Desire to Feed the World” “For the Power of Comfort Food” But that’s not the whole truth... The whole truth is that the Heifer’s existence is largely due to the discerning palate of a precocious three-year-old. It was to please her that our namesake cookie was born, and once she bestowed upon it her seal of toddler approval, it was a wrap. Conquered by the call of the sirens of baked goods, everything fell into place: sprinkles and all. The Salty Heifer’s mission became clear: to use only the finest ingredients, keep it simple, and make it delicious. Our confections are made with the perfect combination of sophistication, Michelin Star training, and good old-fashioned love. Invite the Heifer to your office party, bachelor party, baby shower, and every gathering in-between. Dig in and honor your inner child while indulging your outer adult. The Salty Heifer, making the world a little warmer, a little better, and a lot tastier, one bite at a time.

Chef Jess

Food & Beverage, Desserts, Savory
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Chef Jess is made up of a team of classically-trained chefs and registered dietitians who want to make it easy to eat healthy. Since 2011, Chef Jess sought to make living a healthy lifestyle more accessible to people within the DMV. From changing the way people think about office catering to delivering delicious family meals to your front door, the Chef Jess team helps companies, individuals, and families become their healthiest selves. Founded by Jessica Swift, a registered dietitian and trained chef of Johnston and Wales University, the first Chef Jess “client” was her own father. After being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, Jess guided him to losing half his bodyweight, going from 300+ pounds to a healthy 180. Doctors started referring their patients to Jess, knowing she had the medical background to prescribe the correct meal plan combined with the culinary skills to make the transition easy. Today, Chef Jess offers catering, at-home meal delivery, and nutrition consultations to individuals and organizations in the greater Washington area. With a full team of registered dietitians and chefs, Chef Jess remains committed to the original purpose laid out nearly a decade ago: Make healthy food taste good. Chef Jess has been featured as a celebrity chef and nutrition expert on numerous television, print and radio media outlets. She demonstrated her culinary skills on the Food Network and offered her take on healthy recipes in REDBOOK, ELLE, & O Magazine. She is a known nutrition expert for the Today Show and Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio, and was chosen as Unilever’s 2018 “Agent of Change” where she represented Ocean Spray foods new healthy initiatives.

Montfleur Duvin

Food & Beverage, Alcohol & Wine
Free Shipping, Luxury, Ships Internationally, Made in America
Where are the black wine makers? Abner Montfleury, a first generation Haitian-American, sought to diversify the space. What began as attending wine festivals in search of black-owned brands, led to years of diligent work and planning. A vision was put forth. He is committed to making fine wines, evocative and meaningful to the soul, with every high-quality and well-balanced bottle shared.

Cheff Curl Ardee

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Rachel currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia where her favorite place to eat is still her kitchen. Growing up, she had no real aspirations to curate dishes, write recipes, or cook, but after going to college, she developed an allergy to onions. Instantly, her aspirations changed and her desire to cook fresh and flavorful meals heightened as did her creativity given her preference for low sodium. She developed a line of spice blends and seasonings to address the concern of seasonings packed with salt as well as her allergies and thus was born Chef Curl Ardee. Each of Chef Curl Ardee's blends are either low in sodium or salt free but none of them skip a beat when it comes to flavor and amazing taste.

Supreme Vinegar

Food & Beverage, Condiments & Spices
Supreme Vinegar LLC is a Bensalem, PA based company dedicated to excellence and the production of flavorful, niche vinegars from around the world or created in our own kitchen! Supreme Vinegar was created by its founder (and vinegar lover), Reginald Smith, who made vinegar in his own home for years for a variety of flavors that seemed to have been forgotten by the market. While the modern industrial process of vinegar making has reduced its cost and made it accessible to all, it has homogenized flavors so that there are only three: white, apple cider, and balsamic/red/white wine vinegars. Dozens of other varieties are no longer produced except as flavorings of apple cider or wine vinegar. Supreme Vinegar is dedicated to bringing these back to your kitchen!

Orange Street Storehouse

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Women Owned, Family Owned
From our door to yours, we’re super excited to offer you the highest quality gourmet coffee and tea to enjoy in the comfort of your home with family and friends. Orange Street Storehouse, a family owned and operated online gourmet coffee, artisan tea and specialty shop located just minutes from Metropolitan Atlanta Georgia. Our collection includes coffee, loose leaf tea, spices, herbs, rubs, gifts and more. Orange Street Storehouse is known for great gourmet coffee and specialty loose leaf teas. Our gourmet coffees are 100% Arabica beans imported from plantations located all over the world. We also have an outstanding selection of decaf coffee, single origin blends and Organic coffee delivered from different regions of the world all grown using environmentally friendly practices. Enjoy the delightful taste and sweet aroma of our loose leaf teas. We’ve selected the highest and best quality herbs to handcraft our teas. Our teas are blended with dried herbs, berries, chocolate, nuts and edible flowers. Orange Street Storehouse mission is to provide our customers with the best gourmet products, so we're always adding to our collection. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your shopping experience! We look forward to serving you!