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Shay Johnson and Paula Hess founded DOS SWIM in 2019. 5 years earlier they had met working at Opening Ceremony; Shay — who was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Atlanta, Georgia — was working as a producer for the company, while Paula — who was born in Germany and raised by a Colombian mother — was working there as a designer. Traveling was always their thing, they went to India, Mexico, Morocco, Colombia, Europe and the Caribbean together, picking up textiles, colorways and inspiration along the way. Earlier this year, they started making swimsuits for an upcoming trip they were taking to Tulum, Mexico. They wanted swimsuits that actually fit right, celebrated their bodies, made them feel confident and expressed their love for color. Their first collection was based on their personal favorite styles, everything they design are pieces they themselves want to wear. So they went to the Garment District in New York City, picked out cool fabrics and started cutting. After that, the requests came in, mostly from friends over Instagram. Starting a brand was never the main focus; they wanted to create something for themselves and their friends. Finding the right fit was always so hard for their respective body shapes. Bottoms, specifically, were always a point of contention, they were either too low on the leg or too high, exposing too much or too little. They wanted to fix that.

For The Culture Club

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Made in America
For The Culture Club is a brand of goods and content with an emphasis on thoughtful design from a black perspective. For The Culture Club is an extension of Founder and Creative Director Jordan Lyle, born of his own creative need to develop a brand and legacy of physical products that could showcase his interest and dexterity in various disciplines of design beyond the screen. At our core we strive to create for a community that values attention to detail, premium quality, and elevated aesthetics through a black lens. Our mission is to be a one-stop hub that authentically embodies the creative ways we push the culture forward. Having worked and maneuvered in the motion design and commercial animation industry for 8 years, it became painfully apparent that the eye, voice, and insight of a black immigrant man with a background in design and art direction was missing from a majority of the spaces he occupied, both outside of and within his community.

Sacred Frangine

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Sacrée Frangine is a creative duo of artistic directors and illustrators composed of Célia Amroune and Aline Kpade. First of all childhood friends, it’s around a mint tea that they decide in 2016 to unite their love of graphics and colors around common projects. The work of the Frangines is inspired by portraits, still lifes and feminine themes that explore the beauty of simple things and everyday life. They express themselves through minimalist compositions that focus on the harmony of shapes and colors, playing with large colored areas. Mixing figuration and abstraction, they share a light and aesthetic universe that revolves around positive values in which everyone can meet.

Green Bench Brewing Company

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In the early 1900's St. Petersburg was known nationwide as the "City of Green Benches." At their height, some 3,500 benches lined the downtown sidewalks, inviting passers-by to slow their pace and make friends of strangers. For decades these benches were a gathering place for residents and tourists alike and were a popular image used to market our city far and wide. Established during segregation, these benches were sadly off limits to the African Americans in our city, as were the majority of city assets in our downtown core. It is our intent to ring in a new era of the Green Bench, where the original spirit and purpose of the benches is truly available to all. And while we cannot change the past, we believe it is imperative to acknowledge our shortcomings as a society and a community. To not shield ourselves from it; to discuss it and feel it, and together move toward a more unifying future. As we searched for a name that would be original to the brewing world and representative of St. Petersburg, we needed to look no further than the image of the green bench.

Weathered Souls Brewing Co.

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We’re not a chain and our beer is not mass produced. We buy our grain locally and delivered to San Antonio, and South Texas. We are independent and with the support of independent loving fans, we intend to stay that way. You can’t be closer to the source of your beer than to sit in the shadow of the fermenter your beer was kegged from days before. If you wander too close to the brewfloor, we’ll try to educate you on all things beer. And maybe you’ll love it. The name says it all, we’re a little weathered by life and really don’t mind it. All part of the adventure… Weathered Souls is very happy to be a brewery where everyone is welcomed as a member of our brewery family. We have several old-school philosophies about life and business and one driving force is our philosophy that, if the beer is good enough, folks will find out. So we don’t pay for advertising, we rely on word of mouth just like my Dad did. It’ll take longer to grow our business, but it gives us a lot of satisfaction knowing that we succeed because folks care about us and our beer. So, here’s to seeing you in the taproom someday and Drink Local, Cheers!

Khonso Brewing

Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Unisex, Other, Food & Beverage, Alcohol & Wine
Khonso is named in honor of Khonso Im Heb, the ancient Egyptian brewer to the pharaohs and the gods of the dead (Osiris and Anubis). In ancient Egypt, beer was for everyone: young, old, rich, poor, women, and men. Khonso Im Heb is the first official large-scale brewer of record whose beer was enjoyed by all in the Kingdom. The name - Khonso Brewing - was selected by our great community which has been a part of our journey from that first brew. Khonso is founded by three friends: Kevin Downing, Corby Hannah, and William Teasley. One evening in 2013, Kevin and William were having a dads’ night out drinking imported beer when William shared the idea of launching a brewery and the seeds of Khonso Brewing were planted. The three men, armed with a homebrew kit, some basic equipment, and their passion for beer, began their brewing journey as Brothers That Brew. Twelve years of combined all-grain home brewing experience (nearly 750 gallons brewed), flavor experimentation, and conversations with regional and local brewers helped Khonso Brewing to take root.

Sankofa Beer Company

Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Home & Garden, Other, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Unisex, Other, Food & Beverage, Alcohol & Wine, Miscellaneous
Sankofa Beer Company, is a Washington, DC based producer and distributor of premium craft beer, inspired by the founders' connection to West Africa. We are on a mission to expand the conventions of craft beer by creating a space where culture meets craft. SANKOFA (San-Koh-Fa) is a word from the Ashanti/Akan people in Ghana and translates to “Go back and get”. It is visually represented by a mythic bird with its head turned backwards with an egg in its beak, or as a stylized heart. Sankofa is a symbol for the understanding that in order to ensure a strong future you must return to collect and understand your past. This understanding resonates with us and has truly inspired us as we write the story for Sankofa Beer.

Teni & Tayo Creations

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My name is Omobola (but my author name is Simisayo Brownstone), and I am the CEO and founder of Teni & Tayo Creations. We produce toys, books, apparel, workshops and more for kids with a pinch of African influence. ? ? ? Up until a few years ago, I never really thought of myself as the type to start a business. I was born and raised in Nigeria and was always surrounded by people that looked like me, but now I live in Los Angeles California and I am raising my two daughters in an area where we are a minority. As my daughters got older, they started to notice how different they looked from their friends. Even the TV shows they loved so much lacked representation. I wanted to reassure them that they were beautiful just the way they are, so I began to be more deliberate about the things I bought for them. I wanted to surround them with books, toys and more that represented their beauty and culture, but there weren’t a lot of good options available. And when I tried to find representation in the things my daughters were particularly interested in – things like princesses, fairies and superheroes – it was even harder to find options. That’s when I decided to start something on my own, and that’s how my first character, Feyi Fay, was born. Feyi Fay is a Nigerian superhero fairy who travels the world helping kids solve their everyday problems from bullying to making friends. I later added a character called Captain Nosa to represent the boys. ? ? ? My goal with Teni & Tayo creations is to create a wide range of everyday products for kids, from pencil cases to underwear, and maybe even a TV show one day! I hope that these products appeal to children from all backgrounds and ethnic groups, while at the same time allowing black and African children to feel more seen, empowered, handsome, proud and eager to embrace their natural beauty.

Mother of Purl

Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Unisex, Childrens, Other, Miscellaneous
Women Owned
This business is located in the beautiful rolling hills of rural Wisconsin. Fueled by the natural beauty, and sustained by you. Thank you for being a part of my dream. My mother is an amazing seamstress and quilter. Naturally as a teenager I thought anything that my mom did was lame, as a result I now am an awful sewer, but I learned to knit from a kind friend, and thus channeled my creative clothing taste through the media of yarn. I am inspired by earth tones, and organic fibers. A lot of my creations feature luxury yarn, because it is such a pleasure to knit with. When I create something, I want it to be practical and beautiful, my clothing is exactly that, I always use choice quality supplies, because I know that they are going to last, and that they are going to keep me at a comfortable temperature.


Hair & Headwear, Accessories, Home & Garden, Other, Fashion, Clothing, Tees, Unisex, Accessories, Handbags, other, Office, Paper & Stationery, Stationary, Other, Miscellaneous
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I'm Laverne, owner of BzyPeach, a small business specializing in Fiber Arts Journals, Cotton Yarn, Tencel Yarn and Patterns. As a recent transplant to Atlanta, I have become very active in the Fiber Arts community. I enjoy crocheting in my spare time for fun and to donate. In 2018 I was awarded the Bronze level President’s Volunteer Service Award for completing over 100 hours of service. The bulk of that service was crocheting items for charities such as From the Heart, a yarn community serving needs in the Greater Richmond, VA area as well as CHOA and Grady Hospitals in Atlanta.