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Diamond Bird LLC

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Free Shipping, Women Owned, Natural, Vegan, Handmade, Veteran Owned, Family Owned
Diamond Bird Soaps and Skincare is proudly Black, Female and Veteran-owned. We specialize in handcrafted natural soaps and skincare products that will help you clean up your skincare routine without breaking the bank. We replace the toxic chemicals and junk fillers often used in commercial brands with beneficial, plant-based, cruelty-free oils and botanicals. Every item is poured, mixed, molded, cut, stamped, packaged and labeled by hand. The best part is our products are affordable to the sophisticated & conscientious consumer. Diamond Bird operates on values-based system that reflect our commitment to Customer Care, Transparency and Environmental Stewardship. A portion of each sale goes toward donations of soap and hygiene items to members of the community that are struggling financially or homeless.

Double Dutch Dolls

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Women Owned
Introducing 14-year old Kaila Bradley, the fierce fashionista and her identical twin sister Zaria, the classic, cool braniac. Always together and always dolled up, they are known as the Double Dutch Dolls, the stars of a brand new multicultural book series and line of multicultural 18-inch fashion dolls for girls ages 8 and up. The brand’s mission is simple: Through Fashion and Fun encourage young girls to explore and appreciate each other’s differences and similarities. Beauty comes in all shades and the brand seeks to create a community that celebrates the multicultural beauty of every child. The growth in children of color has surpassed the majority. Still, the availability of products, specifically dolls and books celebrating children of color is extremely limited. There are few African-American, Hispanic, and Multiracial dolls available that effectively capture the beauty of the multicultural girl. And, few books that relate to African-American, Multiracial and Hispanic middle school girls dealing with peer pressure, school, and coming of age. The first two books in the Double Dutch Doll series, “Double Dare” and “Double Trouble” are currently available on Book #3, “Double Time” will be available this Fall. The first two 18” fashion dolls released were based on main characters Kaila and Zaria Bradley. The other 4 dolls will be available beginning Winter 2014. The six Double Dutch Dolls characters are smart, beautiful and stylish. Brought to life in the Double Dutch Dolls book series, the characters promote the beauty of African-American, Hispanic, Biracial and Multiracial girls. Founded in 2013, Double Dutch Dolls’ mission is through fashion and fun, encourage young girls to explore and appreciate each other’s differences and similarities. The brand offers a line of multicultural books, toys and accessories that celebrate the beauty, experiences, and diversity of today’s multicultural girls. Double Dutch Dolls is a privately held company located in Marietta, GA.

Fusion Dolls

Children, Entertainment & Toys, Dolls
Women Owned
Fusion Doll was created to empower young girls of color and to embrace diversity awareness. Every child deserves to know they are beautiful just the way God made them. Fusion doll goals is to encourage young girls of color to love themselves inside out. Fusion Dolls' mission is to spread diversity, awareness, and encourage your girls to love themselves inside out!

Gabby Bows

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PATENTED barrette that won't fall out along with other girls hair solutions for enjoyable and memorable styling. Inspiring confidence and creativity! We're taking the dread out of girls hair styling and care with solutions to make these precious experiences enjoyable and memorable for you and your daughter. Our solutions include GaBBY Bows -- the first and patented Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette -- invented by our Kid CEO GaBBY when she was seven years old and her Mom.

Gifted & Lit

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Hip-Hop has a tremendous impact on today’s youth and is the #1 genre of music in the world. Due to it's impact, Derek Collins created the award-winning Gifted & Lit series to educate and relate to students across the globe. Research shows that positive, engaging music, increases retention of information by 15-20%. By far, this is one of the best tools to use at home or in a classroom setting. Gifted & Lit melds modern beats, lyrics, and positive information that influences children to develop a love for education. In addition, Gifted & Lit uses age appropriate music to make learning fun while promoting science, reading, and mathematics. This program is a valuable resource for family engagement programs looking for a tool that connects to parents and children alike. If you want your students to be motivated, inspired, and engaged, Gifted & Lit is the program for you.

Harper's Naturals

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We’re on a mission to give the world healthier skin with all-natural handcrafted skin care products. Even with a painful illness like an auto immune disease or skin condition like acne or psoriasis, you can still take care of your skin and keep it clear.

Herstory Doll

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Women Owned
Herstory Doll is an 18 inch articulated play doll line. Herstory Doll is a reflection of diversity within kids of African Descent with different brown skin tones, more true facial features, and textured hair of different types. The added bonus to the doll line is the joint articulation and our building of a platform to allow those who purchase them to use their own creativity and imagination to build further on the character THEY choose to create, in a reflection they can Identify with and be proud of, as opposed to buying something that is already given an identity by a company. Herstory is more than a beautiful representation of girl characters (and eventually boys), it is also about putting creativity into the hands of kids encouraging them use their imaginations and artistic abilities through creative writing, storytelling, photography, videography, crafting, sewing and more. Our goal is to build an online global community where youth have the platform to share their creativity through their doll characters, how they've defined their own unique characters in their own ways and share them with other youth in a positive creative sharing space. Each Herstory Doll comes with a Herstory notebook and writing utensil which serves as tools to write down their creative writing ideas, DIY crafting and design ideas, and other activities and projects that will be posted on our website regularly for girls to download and get creative and artistic. On our website will also have a section where images can be uploaded of projects kids have done, their creative writing stories to share, their creative doll photography or videos or other design and sewing/crafting projects. Every month there will also be a theme that with aid them in their creative brainstorming. Our online community will be an engaging platform in that it will continuously encourage, challenge and bring artistic inspiration to those who join; getting youth to try their hand at different artistic skills or take on themed challenges in a variety of art forms they may like to create and experiment with. ?I do not want to build a doll line that tells the consumer/potential doll owner who the doll is or what culture she is from. I want the consumer/doll owner to be able to make those decisions of representation for themselves. The dolls featured so far are only 3 of the 5 skin tones and hair textures that I am striving to release. Our second goal level will allow us to add on the next 2 dolls.

Jasmine's Handcrafted Naturals

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Women Owned, Handmade, Natural
Artisan Non-Toxic Self Care Products for the Whole Family. Simple is my specialty! The full ingredients list is proudly worn on the front of each container for each product. They are always easy to read, easy to pronounce, organic, and handmade with love. Each ingredient serves a healing purpose for the body and is selected for top grade quality. All products are always processed as minimally as possible to preserve natural values. From start to finish everything you see is exactly what you get, nothing more and nothing less.

Jendayi Collection: Jewelry That Tells A Story...

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Jendayi Collection, known for ingenuity, artistry and superior craftsmanship, specializes in unique, symbolic, culturally inspired wedding rings and fine jewelry. In the spirit of love and service, Jendayi Collection, Jewelry That Tells A Story... honors the common links and universal themes of diverse peoples, increasing the global conversation of that which unites instead of separates.

Jewlzz By D

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I sell personalized jewelry all customized of your choice fast shipping.