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I Fake Make Clothes

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Kites constructs each of the necklaces by hand and explains that his designs are meant to be the “fake” versions of diamond chains. “A lot of jewelers use fake or lab-made diamonds in their pieces and claim that they are real,” he says. “I’m not knocking it, but this is sort of my ode to that kind of jewelry. When I was a kid, aside from reading comics and playing with action figures, I was rocking fake diamonds and gold chains from the beauty supply store.” The necklaces will be sold throughout this week at the Congruent Space gallery in Chicago, and once the show has wrapped, Kites plans to sell more on his website, which is called

Khristian A. Howell

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I take the fear out of COLOR, PATTERN and DESIGN and help people embrace design to LIVE FEARLESSLY. I travel, I eat, I dance, I seek experiences for all the senses — and then I sit and allow the intuition to come through. I give myself the freedom to experiment with color, pattern, texture and design as a whole because…why not? I then distill all of this energy into product that every girl can relate to. I want everyone who interacts with our product to be able to feel a piece of themselves — whether that is the person they are or the person they are growing to become. To sum it up, Fearlessly Chic LivingTM, for all. Color + Pattern expert | Designer | Author. Clients: Better Homes and Gardens, REI, Shutterfly, Tiny Prints, and Shaw Flooring... Stockists: Bloomingdales, West Elm, Von Maur, Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Staples... Featured: Elle Decor, HGTV Magazine, Real Simple... Appeared: TODAY show, NBC’s American Dream Builders with Nate Berkus, and FOX News Chicago as a design expert...

Studio of Ptah Jewelry Co.

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What is Ptah? Ptah is a Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) principle that represents “Master Craftsmanship”. We strive to meet that standard in every design that we create. Studio of Ptah is a family run NYC based Independent Jewelry Company led by Heru Ankh-Ra Semahj and El-Aton Georges. Together, they work to make Studio of Ptah a go to brand for those looking for fine jewelry that is not only beautiful but also meaningful and symbolic. Africa has a special place in our hearts. The beauty of its people’s, land and cultures fuels our passion to create fine jewelry that shares this beauty in a unique way. But we are also drawn to and inspired by many other amazing symbols from outside Africa and love to integrate symbols from different parts of the globe, on one design. "It’s amazing to learn of the similarities of cultures and peoples in a world so focused on our differences", shares Heru Semahj. "I also love to draw inspiration from the beauty of nature". All of our designs are hand designed by Master Craftsman Heru Semahj in our New York City Jewelry Studio. Unlike a lot of jewelry on the market today, our designs don’t appear generic because we don't rely on computers. We are not concerned with using machines to make the lightest piece of jewelry that we can sell for the highest price. We consider what we do art therefore, human hands design every order that we fulfill. We feel this is important to creating timeless art and Studio of Ptah jewelry is made with the intention of being passed down from one generation to the next. At Studio of Ptah, we serve a client who wants to make a statement, boldly or subtly. It’s a statement that says “Aware”, “Unique”, “Interesting”, “Confident”, “Cultured” or simply a statement of good style and taste. We’re honored to serve you.

Toy Sldrs

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Toy Sldrs takes elements from various different influences, meshing them together to create a sense of nostalgia all while still being cool to wear. Established July 2010, Toy Sldrs Clothing thrives itself on being as creative as possible with every design. Having a variety of influences that stem from things such as Music, Japanese Animation, Inner City Life & Pop Culture – all of these various ‘ingredients’ are blended together to create products that represent what streetwear is to us. Above all else, it’s about having fun.

Rinny Perkins

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Rinny Perkins is a multidisciplinary artist and writer born and raised in Houston, TX and based in Los Angeles, CA. Her graphic design and installation art work nods to 70s ephemera. Along with her comedic writing and performance, an emphasis on the intersections of feminism in identity of Black and queer womanhood. She continues to expand her message by using visual art as an instrument to disrupt the homogenous representation of women in media. Her work has been featured by outlets such as I-D/VICE, Nylon and Teen Vogue.

Jeanetta Gonzales

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My graphic design company is named "Nett Designs Inc". I work in my downtown studio where I design, hand letter, create surface patterns, paint and explore. I write a blog under my name "Jeanetta Gonzales Art & Design" ( where I share my creative inspirations, downloads and printables, studio news and work. In my shop you will find tote bags, cards and prints that I have hand lettered and designed. I welcome you to take a look around and hope you find something special. Check back as I add new items to the shop!

Morgan Harper Nichols

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I write poetry and make digital mixed media art as a daily creative practice. My practice consists of making new art series every day using both digital and handmade elements on creative consumer applications like Adobe Sketch, Adobe Fresco, and ProCreate. I like to include both abstract and figurative elements in my work, as well as both conversational and poetic language. For me, this is about learning to hold what is known and unknown, in grace. My work is inspired by real life and in-the-moment experiences, including my interactions with others. At the heart of what I share, I believe art and creativity are valuable ways to connect with others about matters most.

Lakay Designs

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Lakay Designs - The Largest Home Decor Manufacturer Lakay Se Lakay 'Home is Home'! Small batch manufacturing and distribution of African print designs for your home as well as everyday life. It was to this end that Lakay Designs Home Decor, a first of its kind African Decor Business, which specializes in using African Prints and Designs for homes, announced that the enterprise is in the business of home decor, with the primary intent of restoring the rich cultural heritage of African designs to homes, as well as adding the beauty of African ‘colors’ to the everyday life of Americans. When it comes to decorating ones home, there are loads of choices to opt for. Tons of global materials are finding their way into the homes of many people. But as good as these are, they are no match for the glamour and beauty that an African Home Decor radiates.


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Shairpins is inspired by nature because I’ve always been amazed by the beauty of natural things. Every scar, cut and flaw adds to the story of that living entity’s life. And it could never be replicated. I realize all living things are connected to each other in some way and humans are just like flowers. Not one of us is the same and that’s what makes us beautiful. As a collective, we’re marvelous, almost magical. My handmade fashion pins and decor give you the reminder there’s always room for you to be You. Every change you grow through makes you that more of yourself. I create for the girls and women who are growing everyday to invite more happiness, fulfillment, and purpose into their life.